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the best chef in the world at the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50


The long awaited night of the first dinner from Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50 of Food and Travel came to Xaak, one of the New restaurants in Hotel Xcaret Arte at the command of the chefs Alejandro Ruiz and Roberto Solís, and there was no better way to start this culinary event than with Pía León of Peru, who was recently named as the Best Female Chef in the World in 2021, according to the list The 50 best restaurants in the world. We tell you everything he cooked in one unique and unrepeatable experience in the Mexican Caribbean! Photos: Charly Ramos.

A sus 34 years old, Pía León is in charge of Light sailing in Lima and it co-owner of Central with her husband Virgilio Martínez, where she was head chef for 12 years. Three years after opening his own restaurant, is in the number 95 in The 50 best restaurants in the world 2021 y 18 en The 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America “We both use the same products and we both have the same philosophy show the biodiversity of Peru, but each one expresses it differently ”, Pía León commented to us in one exclusive interview paragraph Eat and travel during the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50, presented by Hugo Boss, S. Pellegrino and Toyota.

Dinner with Peruvian soul

Wines dinner 5 of 50

Demonstrating why his name resonates in the world, Pía León delighted the 50 attendees from Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50 of Food and Travel with the essence of Kjolle, whose name I have referred to a tree that grows at extreme heights. He offered one seven time menu, in which the ingredients of Peruvian origin like the maca root, mashua, pacae, a selection of peppers and olluco, among others. “We take out five suitcases with these products. This is the goal: to make known what we do in the restaurant where we work with ingredients of the coast, of more than 4,000 msn and of the amazonian forest”.

These colorful and cheerful dishes, what evoke the landscapes of Peru, they married Mexican wines presented by Vinos Boutique. This distributor brought the inaugural dinner labels of different heights to tie with the philosophy of Pía, that they were presented by Francisco Acosta, better known as Wero Cham, and the sommelier guest Sandra Fernández.

Travel through the palate

Beautiful bread

The inspiration of Pía comes from to go out, to know, to travel.I make a lot of trips, but we also have one team of people called Mater Initiative that if deducates to travel Peru, from the coast to the Andes passing through the Amazon. That’s it first source of inspiration for every chef: Open your eyes a little more and see what happens. This way, it was traveled with the palate from the first moment: a beautiful bread, a root of the $ andes with a very special flavor, accompanied by a cabuja butter (agave) y uchucuta, a mixture of Peruvian aid which is also made in the Andes, with herbs and chulpi corn.

Colorful cold snacks

Pía León

The style of Pía’s kitchen that tasty, colorful, cheerful and to share.The view is the first thing one perceives from a set. That’s why we use a lot of colors and textures, to see the landscape that is evoked“, Says Pía León, who served some local clams with mashua, a root of the Andes of a very intense color which he prepared like wheat milk. These fresh and light snacks they married the white wine Laberinto Gewürztraminer from San Luis Potosí.

Another very subtle cold plate continued. Ax callus, hedgehog, pacae coexisted in a bowl (a Peruvian fruit belonging to the legume family) and the kiwi grain. Emilia Rosé was chosen as the match, a rosé wine from Grenache grapes, syrah, mourvèdre that are cultivated at 400 meters above sea level in Valle de Guadalupe.

Tubercular power

Pía León

One of the most interesting dishes to do tuber pie. Visually, the colors attract the eyes, while one diner wondered if that dish was a dessert. But this cake with cassava, potatoes and olluco delighted by its combination of flavor, which was as impeccable as its presentation, and creaminess. Pairing was chosen for a glass of Vinaltura, A rosé sparkling wine made in Querétaro at 2,200 meters above sea level.

Strong dishes that complemented each other

Dinner 5 of 50

This rosé sparkling wine also listened to the lobster that chef Pía León prepared like a stew with a sauce made with the same crustacean and sour orange, and one Loche cream, a local pumpkin from Peru. Snack by bite, this creamy and unctuous dish was spectacular.

The last highlight was the pork belly, which was cooked in its own juice and accompanied by chili peppers from the Andes and goose, an Andean tuber that grows on the plateaus of the Andean areas. To accompany, they served in the Post 10 glasses, the personal project of Wero Cham which, made at 1,600 meters above sea level in Sonora, rounded out the warm flavors of the dish.

The closing of the night

He sweet moment has been starring one Moray’s cocoa set, in fullthe Cusco Valley, in different textures, along with Pía’s favorite fruit, xirimoia (similar to soursop) in two versions. The idea of ​​the chef, who from a very young age you are clearly engaged in cooking, was go play and combine the two ingredients, while attendees sipped a coffee made of figs.

The Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50 of Food and Travel is a great initiative to promote different cuisines of Latin America. It’s a great opportunity to show diversity, “she said chef Pía León.

Don’t miss them following chronicles of the meals of our first edition of the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50!


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