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10 things to do in Cancun for the first time


A beach in Cancun

If you are lucky enough to be able to visit Cancun, you should definitely make the most of your time there. Luckily, you can do many things. We’ve put together a list of ten things you should do when you’re in Cancun for the first time.

1. Dolphin Discovery Island Women

If you are looking for a good time, swimming with dolphins is a must. This is the best way to spend a couple of hours and it is truly an unforgettable experience. Not only will you see dolphins, but you will even be lucky enough to meet other sea creatures. Dolphin Discovery Island Women it is an experience that most people who visit Cancun do not dare to miss. If the dolphins are especially in a good mood, you’ll see them doing some tricks and they might even get a kiss or two. There are also sea lions and manatees walking around and interacting with coaches. You can feed them and learn all about their world. After fun, you can go to the lunch buffet that you can eat and open to VIP visitors.

A dolphin
If you are in Cancun, swimming with dolphins is a must.

2. Dive

If you’re not too interested in extreme sports, but like to have fun and experience new things, diving may be the perfect fit. It is definitely one of the favorite activities of people who have tried their fair share of things to do in Cancun. Contrary to popular belief, you can be a first-timer and still have a lot of fun diving.

The Mesoamerican coral barrier and the Riviera Maya are the best places to try it. In the Mesoamerican reef, there is also an underwater museum for people who want to expand their horizons and learn about marine life. Diving and exploration will provide you with a whole new perspective on aquatic life. You can also get a certificate that will allow you to join other more advanced diving excursions. If you get the chance, be sure to go scuba diving as well. It is an indescribable feeling that few people experience. If you go with your children, don’t forget to check the age limits.

3. Xplor Night fire

Once the sun sets, be sure to visit Xplor Fuego. If you engage in more extreme forms of adventure and are looking for a good time, you will not be disappointed. You will see illuminated caves, tropical forests and amazing zip lines. What is special about him is that he is in a dark darkness, which gives him a new level of emotion. Although, while it’s great for adventurous people, it’s also quite romantic. It is very well lit by fire and bright lights. If you are interested, you will also have the opportunity to experience some maritime adventures during the visit.

4. Visit the beaches

Of course, from the moment you land at the airport, you will want to visit all the beaches and enjoy the beauty of nature that fills Cancun. Of all the things to do in Cancun, you can’t miss them. All the beaches are fascinating, so you probably won’t regret your decision, no matter which direction you want. Have a cocktail while you have a great view of the ocean, it sounds a little too good to be true, but it’s not. Here are some beaches to visit:

  • Dolphin Beach
  • Turtle Beach
  • Chac Mool Beach
  • Forum Beach
One of the beaches of Cancun
If you’re in Cancun, visiting the beaches is one of the things you should do.

5. Jungle zip line

Going on a zip line adventure is a great way to spend time in Cancun. If you are afraid of heights, it is the only thing you should try to overcome. You can choose which of Cancun’s parks you want to shoot with zip line or, better yet, try them all.

6. Move to Cancun

It’s not uncommon for people to fall in love with Cancun as soon as they spend a couple of days there. If you like adventure and magical places, you will too. Moving to Cancun may seem crazy at first. However, once you spend some time thinking about it, you can decide what it is you need. Of course, moving internationally, especially with children, can be exhausting. However, if you decide to move your whole family, you will not regret it.

7. Explore the nightlife more

As fascinating as the days are in Cancun, you should also give nightlife a try. If you enjoy dancing and having fun, you will spend time in your life. These are the most popular clubs you can’t miss:

  • Coco Bongo
  • The City nightclub
  • Mandala Beach Club
  • Dady O

Take care of yourself

If you decide to give the nightlife a try, know that it can get quite crowded. See how the pandemic, unfortunately, has not yet run out, make sure you are responsible and stay safe. Get vaccinated and tested to be completely sure of protecting yourself and others.

8. Extreme Adventure Park is one of the things to do in Cancun

Try to visit as many extreme adventure and sports venues as you can find. Without a doubt, this is the best way to experience and enjoy all that Cancun has to offer. Extreme Adventure Park it is the best place to do as many wild activities as you want. Rent a quad and visit all the places you want, including the famous cenotes.

9. Paragliding is always a good idea

If you want more adventures going on in the air, be sure to practice skydiving. You wouldn’t believe the fascinating views you’ll see below you. From the beaches to the wildlife, there is no corner that is not left unexplored. You will be in the air for about 10 minutes and you will be able to see Nichupté Lagoon as well as Isla Mujeres. Don’t worry, you will also be able to communicate with the crew that will be waiting for you throughout the adventure.

A person in parachuting which is one of the things you have to do when you are in Cancun
Don’t even think about leaving Cancun before you’ve had a chance to skydive.

10. Have you always wanted to learn to sail?

Lastly, surfing is a dream come true for many people. If you’re one of them, it’s definitely one of the things you have to do in Cancun. You can take lessons and learn some basic tricks of the trade whenever you want. Tent is worth it if on beginners; you will surely have the best time.


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