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Best food in Puerto Morelos

Where to find the best food in Puerto Morelos?

Well this is a question without an easy answer. With over 80 restaurants in Puerto Morelos, there are a lot of choices. Whether you want to eat out for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will find very good restaurants anytime of the day, from economical budget to fancier tastes. The port side of town offers local and international options, vegan and vegeterian friendly menus, as the Colonia side has many little places where you can eat as a local.

Mi Cocina

 A very delightfull blend of Thai/American/Mexican cuisine. They’re famous for their fresh-fruit smoothies and breakfast burritos.

puerto morelos tour agency blog

Los Pelicanos

Located in the corner of the main square, they are specialized in fresh seafood. Order up a kilo of shrimp to share with your posse! They also serve great chicken quesadillas and fajitas.

puerto morelos tour agency blog

La Playita

One of Puerto’s widest stretches of shoreline. This is a great option for those long sunny beach days–you don’t have to leave the beach. Seafood, barbecue, simple but good food.
puerto morelos tour agency blog

El Merkadito

Restaurant with beachfront and charming character. It’s the perfect spot to sip margaritas and gaze out at the water. Across the is El Pesquero. Their homemade salsa and seafood are amazing.
puerto morelos tour agency blog

Punta Corcho

Punta Corcho is a good choice for a fancy evening out on the town. The menu offers marinated lamb shank and lobster pizza and a delightful variety of cocktails and wines.

La Sirena

This bar restaurant is a crowd pleaser, with indoor and outdoor seating, a Greek fusion menu, and live bands weekly and many activities such as salsa class, painting workshops and sport events.
puerto morelos tour agency blog

John Gray’s Kitchen

John Gray’s Kitchen is one of the top-rated restaurants in Puerto Morelos. This comfortably elegant restaurant has very good service and delicious food.   A must try in Puerto Morelos.

puerto morelos tour agency blog

Viva la vida

Reported to be a vegetarian restaurant where all dishes come in a vegan version. Offers an all-day breakfast, plus lunch options you could have for breakfast. Makes their own bread, granola and chai tea.
puerto morelos tour agency blog

Las Robles

Vegetarian restaurant offering many vegan options, including smoothies, salads, juices, desserts, snacks, and more.
puerto morelos tour agency blog

Colonia side

In the Colonia across the highway, there are another host of great restaurants and little taco places.
puerto morelos tour agency blog

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