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The best restaurants in the Hotel Zone


The best restaurants in the Hotel Zone

Looking for a place to dine in the Cancun hotel zone? In this article we have listed our best restaurants serving Italian, Asian, Mexican and other international cuisine … We invite you to enjoy these options. We promise it will not be easy to choose!

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Italian food

Casa Rolandi

Casa Rolandi’s cuisine is inspired by Switzerland and Italy, with an exquisite combination of traditions and culture that visitors have enjoyed for more than three decades. Enjoy live music and an elegant Italian scene. It can be romantic, familiar or for any occasion.

Restaurant Casa Rolandi
Restaurant Casa Rolandi in the Hotel Zone of Cancun

Limoncello trattoria

Trattoria Lemoncello. A unique Italian experience. Dine with an amazing view of Nichupte Lagoon, enjoy drinks and the best pasta. It offers a romantic and relaxing atmosphere and live music from Friday to Sunday.

Restaurant Trattoria Limoncello
Restaurant Limoncello Trattoria in the Hotel Zone of Cancun

of Lorenzillo

We bring you fresh fish and lobster from Isla Mujeres and Baja California. In 1988, the concept of “live lobster” was introduced and Lorenzillo’s built its own lobster farm, with a capacity to store up to 20,000 organisms and be able to offer them 365 days a year.

Cancun of Lorenzillo
Lorenzillo’s Cancún, Italian restaurant and seafood


Nicoletta promotes Italian diversity in a contemporary way without losing tradition. By mixing Italian flavors with our national flavors, they create unique dining experiences in each dish. They declare that their cuisine is not made of simple recipes but they are a trip to Italy through your utensils.

Italian restaurant Nicoletta in Cancun
Italian restaurant Nicoletta in Cancun


At the NYX Hotel, Chianti offers a modern twist on Italian food. Fortunately for us, the restaurant is open to everyone, even if you are not a guest of the hotel. They serve a variety of Italian wines for you to taste. It’s great if you’re also staying at the hotel, but also if you feel like eating pasta, bread and wine.

Chianti Cancún
Chianti Italian restaurant in Cancun

Asian food


Also within the NYX hotel, Umami is the place for those looking for a unique dining experience. Fascinating sensations, an avant-garde atmosphere and an incredible view of the ocean allow guests to see their meals cooked by amazing chefs. From the teppanyaki right in front of you to your plate, what more could we ask for?

Umami Cancun
Umami Restaurant in Cancun


KAI, Asian cuisine, modern spirit. Live an unforgettable culinary experience with dishes that harmonize with each other. A new concept in Asian cuisine, here you will find a contemporary atmosphere called “Hanout fine-dining”. With elegant details, its menu has something for everyone. From hot and cold starters, traditional and vegetarian options to soups and pastas.

Kai Cancun Japanese Restaurant
Kai Japanese Restaurant in Cancun

Hana Polynesian Grill

Speaking of the best restaurants in the hotel area, we encourage you to discover this new place inside the Marriott Hotel! A Pacific Island diet, a combination of Frank, Chinese and other flavors. Throughout history, Hana means happiness and the essence of all the positive and good things in life. The road to Hana represents a desirable destination; when you arrive in Hana, great happiness will surround you. Immerse yourself in a gourmet experience with the wide variety of culinary offerings. thThis new restaurant offers you the opportunity to enjoy a touch of innovative Polynesian culture, highlighting a modern, vibrant and tribal atmosphere where you can enjoy the Tikixology that blends perfectly with the cuisine.

Hana Polynesian cuisine
Hana Polynesian cuisine in Cancun


Tora offers a contemporary concept of high quality Japanese food. Combining traditional and modern techniques, the balance between tradition and creativity brings gourmet products of the highest quality. This innovative concept includes top quality products like Kaluga Queen Caviar, Ora King Salmon, Tasmanian Trout, Hamachi, Big Eye Tuna. All imported and brought exclusively to Torah from different parts of the world. They also offer premium cuts of meat such as USDA prime, Black Market, Japanese Wagyu and Kobe Beef certified.

Tora Cancun Asian Restaurant
Tora Cancun Asian Restaurant

Mexican food

Of Porphyry

Of Porphyry. These dishes come from tradition, the Mexican people and their traditions. By taking the most representative flavors of the street and reinventing them, creating a sensory experience in every bite. Top ingredients, unique crafting techniques and creativity are just some of the elements that make up Porfirio’s menu.

Porfirio's Restaurant Cancun
Porfirio’s Restaurant Cancun

The Good Bar

The Good Bar. Good Mexican food and steakhouse! Located in front of Nichupte Lagoon with spectacular views. You will enjoy an elegant and welcoming atmosphere.

Here you will be amazed by its high-end mixology, and don’t forget its weekend shows. La Buena Barra offers great cocktails and amazing food for you to enjoy Mexican cuisine.

La Buena Barra Cancun
La Buena Barra Cancun, Mexican Restaurant


The best Mayan food experience! Xkatik offers more regional cuisine. From the Yucatan Peninsula, Xcatik is known as a local hot pepper. You can enjoy a drink and enjoy good Yucatecan cuisine.

Xkatik Restaurant in Cancun
Xkatik Restaurant, Cancun

International food


Ilios pays homage to the breadth of Greek cuisine by bringing traditional cuisine to a new level of elegance and sophistication. Enjoy the passion and taste of Greek cuisine in its best dishes, genuine and that will delight the most demanding palates thanks to our authentic Mediterranean flavor, our culinary offer forms an anthem to the variety and seasonality inherent in the cuisine Greek. They offer a variety of shows that allow you to be part of the Greek experience.

Greek restaurant Ilios in Cancun
Greek restaurant Ilios in Cancun

of Harry

Are you looking for the best restaurants in the Hotel Zone? Harry’s philosophy is “The Art of Perfection.” Careful attention to detail, exceptional service and special attention to the selection of each ingredient are what distinguish our culinary proposal. In our menu you will find select dishes with the best cuts of meat in the world. Exotic seafood and a variety of wines and cocktails. Carrying the top quality cuts of USDA meat, Black Onyx cuts and the famous and certified Kobe beef.

Harry's Steakhouse in Cancun
Harry’s Steakhouse in Cancun


Fred’s. They specialize in seafood cuisine with the highest quality and freshness, along with American favorites and touches of Mexican culinary tradition in all flavors. Fred’s is also located in Nichupte Lagoon. With the best view of Nichupte Lagoon, the most colorful sunsets, amazing mixology and the best seafood in Cancun. It is a must try!

Fred's Restaurant in Cancun
Fred’s Restaurant in Cancun

Black Rose

Black Rose. This restaurant exudes freedom, it is a tribute to Latin American cuisine. Its eclectic menu includes gastronomic traditions from countries such as Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico, showing authentic and daring flavors. With premium fillets; Kobe beef and Wagyu beef. In addition to a wide selection of Argentine cuts, all charcoal grilled. Wide range of ceviche and tiradito. As well as fish and seafood with recipes from Peruvian and Mexican cuisine. I mean, who could ask for more? Even their well-presented artisanal cocktails are about to die for.

Rosa Negra Latin Cuisine in Cancun
Rosa Negra Latin Cuisine in Cancun

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