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The best beaches in Mexico


We all have a special memory on one of these beaches in Mexico where we were very happy.

Some of the most beautiful and unique beaches in Mexico.

We have all heard the popular phrase “life is tastier in the sea.” So for some time now I have been deciding to change my lifestyle to enjoy the coasts of this beautiful country. Mexico has a very large area, which allows you to have a variety of beaches that you can visit in your next adventure in this country. Here are some of them the best and most unique beaches in Mexico.

Remember that to keep all these places just as beautiful and we can continue to enjoy them, we must avoid as much as possible the impact on the ecosystem. Use environmentally friendly products and if they have your needs, approach local people and make sure to use eco-friendly sunscreen repellents and / or sunscreen while you visit. This will help these paradises to last us for many more years.

Before you begin, important: 10 tips for not getting dirty on the beaches to visit


I’ll start with one of my favorite destinations: Veracruz is in my heart thanks to the warmth of its people. This state has a wide territorial extension, having a great part of the Gulf Coast of Mexico. The many beautiful beaches it has are very varied, from the famous Port of Veracruz which is among the 5 main ports in the country, to the magical beaches of Chachalacas.

Chachalacas, for me, is one of the best beaches in the country for its extraordinary golden dunes. It is one of the few places in Mexico that allows you to admire this unique view. Sand, sand and more sand, will be what you will see next to the blue sea of ​​Veracruz. This place is ideal for painting and climbing to explore the fun mountains.


This paradise describes itself, it is one of the The most popular in Mexico to enjoy beautiful beaches. What makes it so special to the entire Mexican Caribbean, are its immense All Inclusive Hotels, its white sand beaches and its amazing turquoise tones in the sea.

Playa Delfines is one of my favorites, since it passes in the Hotel Zone next to this viewpoint, it already has its mouth open. Just park and enjoy the view, something unique about this place is the endless amount of blue on the horizon that you can see in the sea. I challenge you to try it! It is the ideal place to welcome as a family or couple, and do not worry about anything else to enjoy your vacation in this paradise.


Oaxaca is one of the richest states in culture, gastronomy and natural beauty you can see in Mexico. Its most popular beaches have become famous thanks to its big waves and amazing surfers.

Zipolite is often considered among travelers as an economical option to enjoy the natural charms of this state. You have a unique proposal for which it has become so famous, its long and warm nudist beaches.

This small town is full of amazing people who, thanks to its so natural and free way of seeing life, will never want to go. This destination, mostly visited by couples and groups of friends looking to vacation free of prejudice in a totally playful environment.


The scenarios of the beaches in the north of the country they are spectacular, as you can see between their waters, rock formations, which have adapted their structure and very peculiar sizes due to erosion and the characteristic of each area.

Balandra Beach is a very quiet beach, perfect to take refuge in its calm waters with almost imperceptible waves. It is known for its shallow depths, incredibly white sands and extremely light blue waters.

Photo by amyseder


Holbox is one of the unmatched Islands in the Mexican Caribbean. We know that Cozumel and Isla Mujeres should have a mention in this list, but we can’t include every beautiful corner of the country. The best kept secret on the island is Yum Balam, the protected natural area where it is located. Its abundant ecosystem makes it not only its turquoise waters and its fine white sand attractive.

Punta Mosquito is one of the beaches you can not miss on your visit to the Mexican Caribbean. Its long white sandbanks where the water level will stay up to your ankle are perfect for spending the afternoon walking while enjoying the spectacular flight of all the birds that live in the reserve.

Photo by oliviasjolund

I can understand that you think you’re missing out favorite beach, we all love the places where we were happiest, especially if there is a coast in Mexico. That’s why I’m going to leave another corner of this beautiful place.

Playa del Carmen is a destination strategically located in the Caribbean, you can now move to many other places in Quintana Roo from there. The options for water activities, accommodation and sustainable tourism, just to name a few, you can do in this beautiful place with the turquoise sea of ​​witness.

I invite you to leave your favorite beaches in Mexico in the comments and relive the best story you have there. Do not forget that we must travel in the most sustainable way possible to keep these beautiful places alive.

The best beaches in Mexico


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