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Travel by Ferry on the route Cancun-Isla Mujeres with Xcaret Xailing


Everything you need to know about the new Xcaret ferry service

Now great experiences at sea are also written with X.

A new member is in the Xcaret Group family and is ready to carry out the life of most browsing experiences. Xcaret Xailing is the new ferry experience in Cancun whose final destination is Pueblo Magico Caribbean Isla MujereView Travel by Ferry on the route Cancun-Isla Mujeres with Xcaret Xailing.

You can do this at this time to learn more about this beautiful destination, travel from Cancun to Isla Mujeres and tour the island known for being the place where the first rays of light enter Mexico.

Its location is Xcaret Island Women’s Pier which is located in the Cancun Hotel Zone, exactly at km 4.5. It has parking for anyone who would like to get there by car and leave it there while touring the island. The parking fee is per hour.

The Pier to the Hotel Zone of Cancun

Inside the pier you will find the lockers, where you can make your purchase round or simple ticket and right there are the schedules for those who know the departures and arrivals to Isla Mujeres. It is important to know that the ticket for your trip can be made again, you can use it at the time that suits you best, that is, they do not have a specific schedule, it works by date.

If you compare a simple ticket to stay more than a day to get to know the beaches and the village, then in the port of Isla Mujeres you can buy your ticket back to Cancun.

Next to the box office you will find the Xcaret Xailing Store, with everything you need for your trip to Isla Mujeres is complete. From Fun mouthpieces with fun designed swimwear, souvenirs, beachwear, drinks and fries to enjoy on the go. In addition, there is an area with some souvenirs from the Xcaret Group parks.

Outside the store is the hot chocolate cart and basket tacos! There is also sweet bread and jam for everyone to have a good breakfast before heading out to sail. Remember to bring cash so you can try them on.

The Xcaret ferries

ground two luxury ferries called Xcaret and Xel-Ha. They have different amenities to make your trip over the Caribbean Sea more enjoyable. It has ground floor and upper floor, both have closed area and open area, so you can choose where you prefer to be. The closed tea air conditioning, large asians and screens where you go everything that Grupo Xcaret offers you, while in the open area you will hear the sea breeze and you will be able to appreciate the different shades of turquoise blue of the sky and the sea.

They have services such as Bathrooms for men and women, drinking fountains and plugs in some parts of the boat. These are made to make you feel comfortable and happy while navigating one of the most beautiful mothers in Mexico.

What are you waiting for? The crew is a list for students and provide you with the most sailing experience in Cancun and Isla Mujeres.


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