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the Mexican party in Cancun that you can’t miss


Lively, cheerful and colorful so it is Mexicoa country with many festivals and traditions that fill hearts with passion and euphoria, as it is Xoximilco, the largest and most traditional Mexican festival in Cancun, which invites you to live a spectacular night where you will be always to the culture and traditions of our country. We assure you that you can’t miss it! Photos: Courtesy.

It is well known that part of the The essence of Mexicans lies in their colorful way of celebrating and partying; due to this the Xoximilco Tour, to Cancun, I will see conversion into a must-see for travelers looking for a place in Mexico where they can celebrate and celebrate in styleas do the authentic Mexicans.


It’s how I can enjoy this one fantastic Mexican party aboard picturesque trajineras which will take you to one tour through the canals of Xcaret Park, where you will spend an unforgettable night with the perfect mix between diversity, culture and Mexican tradition.

To the rhythm of mariachis in Xoximilco

A Mexican never celebrates alone and under this traditional thought, a friendly and dicharachero host will be in charge of injecting joy and fun into your journeywhich will also be embellished by the lovely landscapes of the place and will be enlivened with the gallantry with which travelers sing Mexico’s most iconic songs.

It’s like Xoximilco and the live performance of an authentic Mexican party, so children are also invited to hear Mexican folklore while they dance to the sound of the most representative musical genres of the country, how mariachi, northern, ranch the marimba.


With the pure Mexican flavor

During your Xochimilco experience you will enjoy one Delicious and very varied menu which represents the identity and the many flavors of Mexico Through emblematic and representative dishes of different territories of the country.

And as in an authentic Mexican meal you could not miss the spirits, as a good tequila, a beer, a delicious fresh water or some other drink from the wide range of drinks that they wait in the free bar of this great Mexican celebration.


What are you waiting for? Ready to enjoy Xoximilco in Cancun, en Monday to Saturday at the facilities of the Xcaret Park. Cost: Children of From 5 to 11 years from $ 1049 MXN and adults, from $ 2099 MXN. Make your registration in his Web page i Long live Mexico from Cancun!

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