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The gastronomy of Hotels Xcaret: at the forefront of sustainability


The gastronomy of Xcaret hotels is a compendium of A thousand flavors and a thousand ways to make cooking something extraordinary. At the same time, they have created a careful sustainability system. We talk to the chef Franco MaddalozzoDirector of Gastronomy of Hoteles Xcaret, on the actions they are carrying out to guarantee one more use of food and care for the environment. we tell you Photos: Charly Ramos / Courtesy.

Xcaret hotels for the environment

Come on 11 restaurants that form the gastronomic force of Grupo Xcaret you have the aim to make their productions with local inputs. valley like meat that comes from sustainable ranches and the vegetables and fruits that are collected by farmers from Quintana Roo and Yucatan.

“We occupy sustainable fishing on our plates; we respect the subject of vedas very much. For example, if it is lobster reproduction season, we remove it from our menus for as long as necessary and we explain to the customers the reason why we don’t sell it”, declared the chef of Italian origin about the Gastronomy of Xcaret Hotels.

Xcaret hotels

Maddalozzo I mention that They look for traceability in products that he uses, since it is a company value: “It is important to us, and it is easy to know, the origin of the inputs; it’s two or three steps to reach those who work for them. We know about that sows tomatoes, oranges, lemons in provinces“.

Vision of the future

To guarantee that the implementations that are being done in Xcaret Groupvalley like Produce your own water and bottle it in glass containerswhich ensures that for every 4,000 guests per day they are not generating 10,000 plastic bottles. They are supported by Evaluation of the organization EarthCheck (Certification program in environmental management recognized in the world), which qualifies the various sustainability measures they carry out.

Xcaret hotels

In addition, wow containers in those who give food to go made of bamboo or avocado. “I consider that it must be difficult to eliminate the plastic in its entirety, but we are in search for alternatives. There are things that are not in our hands, but in Xcaret Group one of the main tweaks to work with sustainability actions of a very high level, to provide for the next generations”, said chef Franco.

BIO: flagship restaurant for sustainability

The gastronomy of Hotels Xcaret is right there environmental care values that the company has, but Chef Franco confessed it there is one that is a clear reference: BIO, from head Miguel Bautista, staying at Hotel Xcaret Mexico.

“The gastronomic offer is dedicated 100% to vegan food; there we do not use proteins, fats or dairy products. The inputs derive from legumes, fruits, flours and vegetables. I would like to add that we have a vegetable garden on the premises, from about 200 square meters. From there we get a lot of herbs, such as oregano, basil, thyme, chives and some chilies; too, there are citrus fruit trees such as lime”, added the chef.

Xcaret hotels

Festival 5 of 50 by Food and Travel

In 2021 it will be held in the first edition of the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50 by Food and Travel from the hand of Xcaret Group. At the event they attended to recognize the chefs belonging to the prestigious list The 50 best restaurants in Latin Americawho used a wide range of national products and imports by the type of each one’s proposal.

Director Franco shared that the none Jaime Rodríguez of the restaurant Celeleof Colombian origin, he was one of them more attached to sustainable practices, yes that used local productbecause the dishes they presented were based on vegetarian and vegan cuisine. He told us that for the second edition of the festival, will work to reduce the carbon footprint, since almost all their equipment is electric and many of them induction.

Xcaret hotels

Do you already know which restaurant you will visit on your next stay in Xcaret hotels?, learn more details in his location web.

Know what the first edition of the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50 by Food and Travel.


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