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He escapes the hustle and bustle of a concept that has managed to encapsulate the pleasures of the beach in a property quiet e intimate. We refer to Nerea, an exclusive boutique hotel on every corner has been designed for your enjoyment and well-being. Get to know him. Photos: Courtesy.

Sanctuary of peace

It’s no secret that Tulum that one of the most requested destinations in Mexico. The beauty of its beaches and its vibrating alternative they give him a special identity, combined with his always effervescent night scene. But what if you are in this destination and want a vacation rest y relaxation?

The answer is Nerea, a beautiful boutique hotel Tankah Bay, a sun 7 miles from Tulum. Thanks to its location, within a private community with securityhere you will be able to access the calm you are looking for, as well as the other sister properties that run below restricted noise controls. The above not only allows you to reconnect with the same in silence, but also appropriates the sighting of pieces, mantarrayas y turtles, something harder to find in other regions.

Nerea: Determines it’s possible

Design with local emphasis

Nerea’s accommodation concept is fully informed to the well-being of the guests. The mission of your proposal of relaxed luxury is Break all the emotional and physical barriers that limit your peace of mind and facilitate your disconnection. This is a very property integrated with naturethat although it is not restricted to the entry of families (they accept children from the age of 6), it is more suitable for enjoy as a couple. And this hotel only has 22 rooms in double occupancywhich guarantees that its total occupancy does not exceed 44 guests: a paradise accessible to a lucky few.

In communion with the environment

Hotel Nerea beach

with 25 meters from the beach, the proximity to the sea is guaranteed in Nerea. The hotel is integrated for three hexagonal buildingsan architectural proposal that facilitates that each suite has a great view no matter the category and location. It should be noted that its pool starts in the lobby and extends along the property until it touches the beach, while its lush areas greens are made up of endemic vegetation.

In this way, thanks to the use of organic shapes, the building it integrates into nature. in addition, the corridors and balconies were built of sapodilla woodwhile the interior of the suites is lined with tsalam wood. As for the ceilings, they are composed of bejereque, a technique that offers natural ventilation and lightness. Bathrooms and swimming pools are lined chucun, ok Mayan mortar of natural origin.

Of course, everything has been worked out below traditional techniques and employing the talent of local artisans.

The right place for you

Suite of the Hotel Nerea

If you are looking for a room where you do not want to leave, the ideal category for you is the Rooftop suite. They have one terrace with dining area, room y private plunge pool, in addition to a spectacular partial view of the sea and the jungle. If your interest is to be as close to the sea as possibleopt for suites Down in front of the beach: you will leave your balcony for put your feet directly in the sand.

However, if your desire is to combine all of the above, the choice is the rooftop in front of the beach, with private terrace, direct sea view and the possibility of splitting pelicans within walking distance. And it is that the respect that is had by the nature and the silence makes possible that the fauna remains intact in the surroundings.

Nerea, escape without sacrifice

We can not ignore the comforts of Nerea, which have been designed for modern life but in harmony with nature. So, go Soaps and shampoos are offered in bar presentationin order to avoid disposable plastics. For its part, you will find Internet dedicated with private antenna in each rooma great amenity for the times will allow you to connect at high speed during a video conference.

In addition, you will also find one in your suite Minibar with drinks includedas well as a copalera to flavor the room with incense Do you see how they thought of the best of both worlds?

Always on the move

Hotel Nerea

As for the activities, we can use all-terrain bicycles with which a getaway to Tulum is possible for free. There is also the option to apply simple kayaks y doubles, although if you are looking to connect as much as possible with the ocean, opt for one of yours three weekly tours. In the company of one diving master kayak reminders on the waves for later immerse yourself in exploring a reef carrying snorkeling gear.

Do you want to start the day in balance? Sign up for one of the two free yoga classes they offer each week. Do you prefer to rest in the sun? reservation i Massage at the property’s private dock. You will enjoy the experience and talent of the team spa kiin hu, specialists in deep tissue massages y Relaxing massages for couples with premium aromatic oils.

Flavors that nourish Nerea

Umbal Restaurant

And what about gastronomy? Don’t worry, you can try food at Nerea’s rich and balanced thanks to its Wellness Kitchen concept. This culinary approach consists of enjoy without deprivation, so you can order dishes with animal protein and carbohydrates that do not alter your body. The differential? Here the refined condiments, flours and sugars have been suppressedas well as reading saturated fats and read fries.

In your dish you will find delicious substitutes, such as Butter is almond, sweet potato bread y cheese en goat. In addition, inside the Umbal restaurantled by the chief executive Carlos Peregrinahello a Josper charcoal ovenwhose Progressive and gentle cooking preserves the nutritional qualities of the product.

After giving you a feast in front of the turquoise Caribbean, the suggestion will be to go to the bar of Umbal, decorated with hand-painted pottery in Puebla under one tiki aesthetics. Unmissable drinks? He umbal cocktail, created with spicy rum, pineapple, fresh orange juice and homemade spice liqueur. And if you feel like something more Mexican, ask for it mezcalina, which carries a reduction of jamaica and rosemary, mezcal y pineapple juiceper fer served in a typical tiki glass.

Need more reasons to meet Nerea? Escape the same. Habitats: That’s $ 373 for the next one. Where: Tankah III subdivision, Mza 3, Lt 21, Quintana Roo.

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