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Polynesian flavors in the Mexican Caribbean


The best of it Mexican Caribbean and the Polynesian Pacific meets in Hana Polynesian Grillthe new restaurant of Marriott Cancun Resort which opened its doors earlier this year. Meet here the dishes you can’t miss. Photos: Courtesy.

Oceanic inspiration

In this restaurant, whose interior design is inspired by the Maori cultureyou will find more than 72 dishes of traditional Polynesian cuisine with a contemporary twist. Think of fresh preparations like cured hamachi with cucumber impregnated with basil and coconut cream, or hearty dishes such as Szechuan ribs oh read on glazed pork chops with tamarind. They fall apart among the servants.

He specialty chef Juan Pedro Maldonadowith the support of the chef Alop McDonald, originally from the Polynesian islands, were the ones who created the menu for this unique proposal in Cancun. In this regard, Juan Pedro says: “Those who visit us will enjoy very fresh and intense flavorsbut also of prolonged cooking and smoky flavors. At the same time, it describes relatively new ingredients as taro, and some fruits and vegetables to which we are accustomed but which in these islands they employ differently, in raw, to enjoy O you consume ”.

Modern interiors inspired by Maori culture

The must-sees of Hana Polynesian Grill

Sit in your Beautiful terrace overlooking the Caribbean or on their interior tables and prepare for enjoyment. hana It means “happiness” and just what you will feel when you try it the Maui saladboth varieties of beets that smoke and complement with arugula, citrus goat cheese and one crumble en quinoa.

Another entry to try is Hana Hamachi raw fish. It consists of slices of this fatty fish which combine beautifully with one sliced ​​basil cream with coconut and candied lemon.

Hana Polynesian Grill

For mains, if you prefer what the ocean provides, sea ​​bass in macadamia crust is an option. As the guarantee will have a to enjoy of mango and a delicious one sweet potato puree with a touch of orange, which gives it a new dimension. However, carnivores should not be lost for any reason ribs, whether they choose read Sichuan baby’s back ribs oh read on Makaweli short ribs. In recent days, in the words of chef Juan Pedro: “Cooking ‘for a lifetime’ to be on your plate with an intense smoky flavor. The rich thing is, you don’t even need a knife, only the fork is required for the meat to fall apart”.

Hana Polynesian Grill

Tiki mixology and tribal dances

the mixology tiki are distinguished by their colorful and cheerful presentations, which in Hana Polynesian Grill gives them a new dimension with glasses inspired by fun tribal masks. But elixirs also stand out, they can be found mixtures where rums from different latitudes are kings, as well as different citrus liqueurs.

An infallible and the Tiki Mai Tainamed in honor of the first human being, according to Polynesian mythology. Conté Appleton White y Finca, horchata syrup, Cointreau and orange and lemon juices. You should also try the Moai Tukuturiwhich is the tiki older. It is prepared with rum Havana Club 7 years, honey syrup with cinnamon y orange and lemon juices.

Cocktail tiki

While you enjoy your drinks and a hearty meal, they will arrive every half hour dancers at your table, whose movements are based on dance dance. With him you will round out this Polynesian experience in Marriott Cancun Resort.

Where: Boulevard Kukulcan Km 14.5 L41, Hotel Zone, Cancun. Check the application: $ 1,000 pesos. Open every day with a specialty menu from 17:30 to 23:00. Buffet breakfasts and some Polynesian dishes from 18:30 to 23:30. IT: @hanapolynesiangrill.

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