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How to plan the perfect vacation?


Want to plan the perfect vacation but don’t know where to start? We know there’s a lot more to traveling than booking a hotel. That’s why we collect advice from people who have traveled and give you facts to consider.

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Cheap flights!

Saving money is always useful. So, first of all, when planning your vacation you need time. Time will be your friend when booking cheap flights. If you are Plan your summer vacation in Cancun we recommend that you start looking for flights 4 to 6 months in advance. This will allow you to get the cheapest flights and accommodation rates.

With this in mind, it is key to establish the dates and seasons you would like to travel. For example, as obvious as it sounds, summer and winter vacations are peak seasons for places like Cancun. And many, especially people traveling with children, are forced to travel during these dates because that’s when they have breaks from school and work. So keep in mind that if you plan your vacation during these times, you can expect the rates to be a bit high.

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Choose the perfect hotel

When planning a trip to Cancun, there are a million resorts and hotel options to choose from. Even Airbnb and hostels are good options. The thing is, don’t hesitate to travel to Cancun. Many people think that you have to travel expensively to Cancun, but the reality is that Cancun has many accommodation options to suit all budgets.

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All-inclusive resort in Cancun Royal UNO
Royal UNO, an all-inclusive resort in Cancun

transport services

For some travelers, comfort is key when traveling to another country. So having someone outside the airport ready to pick you up and take you to your destination takes a load off your shoulders.

Our recommendation is that when you book your hotel, look for hotels with transportation in Cancun. If your hotel does not offer the transfer service from Cancun airport, or you decide to book it with a private service, you can book it here on our site.

How to choose where to go and what to see?!

This can be the hardest thing when planning a trip. Especially when traveling with other people. Here are some tips that will make everyone’s life easier:

  1. Research the place you are traveling to, for example, What to do in Cancun, About Cancun, Cancun.
  2. Make a list of the places you definitely want to visit. But don’t set too ambitious an agenda. As much as we’d like to see everything, it’s not always possible, and that’s okay.
  3. Allow yourself to spend a day without planned activities. Travelers often recommend this, because unless you have very few vacation days, just enjoying your hotel and walking on the beach is really relaxing and the point of vacation.
  4. Don’t be afraid to try new things and explore non-tourist activities.

Let’s talk about money

First, if you’re traveling internationally, let your bank know. Some banks’ security systems reject payment transfers made outside their country. As mentioned, you can avoid this by calling your bank and letting them know before you travel.

Alternatively, you should look to convert to local currency. Having cash is always useful, especially when it comes to buying souvenirs or paying for a taxi.

Nowadays, you can only travel and pay by credit card, but when you’re on a tour or visiting an archeological site in the Riviera Maya or Cancun, the only accepted method of payment is cash.

But what is the best method to get cash? ATMs have turned out to be the best currency. Be aware that some ATMs will charge a fee each time you withdraw money. Keep this in mind because you only get cash a limited number of times.


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