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a regiomontano festival in the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50


Chefs William González Beristáin y Eduardo Morali, of the restaurant Pangea, located on the site 14th in the list of The 50 best restaurants in Latin America, captivated the attendees of the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50 of Food and Travel with creations that highlighted the products from the north of the country and the Sephardic cuisine, how to go citrus fruits, the beer and the kid. Text: Cynthia Benítez / Photos: Charly Ramos.

Kibi-Kibi gets a belly

The first meal of the Food and Travel Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50, presented by Hugo Boss, S. Pellegrino y Toyota, It was a multisensory feast. The menu of Pangea chefs was set up eight times and the pairing was the responsibility of the sommelier Sandra Fernández, who chose the organic wines of the Finca La Carrodilla, in the Guadalupe Valley.

The event will be held as the venue of the restaurant Kibi-Kibi, which is within the facilities of the newly opened Hotel Xcaret Arte and is commanded by him to Roberto Solís, who proposes root dishes Yucatecan-Lebanese. Warmly colored walls, dating back to one Yucatan Treasury, welcomed the diners, who tried so much iconic dishes of the duo com unpublished preparations.

Interior of the restaurant Kibi-Kibi in Hotel Xcaret Arte

Pangea: the story that is still being written

23 years ago, the chef Guillermo González Beristáin opened the Pangea restaurant, where he offered fusion food from different countries, hence the origin of its name. Time passed, but the relevance of the restaurant did not, and this happened thanks to the constant updating of the techniques used in their creations. In 2017, read fresh and innovative ideas from the cap Eduardo Morali they arrived for add actions which promote the sustainability. To date, Pangea continues to set a national trend in this and other headings.

You were as good as the last set you serve. I think the constancy it’s the one we haven’t taken to where we are, and everything influences to make a restaurant a great place “, he commented to us cap Eduardo Morali As a question of why Pangea is one of the most important restaurants in Mexico.

The cuisine that characterizes Pangea today is product of evolution, as stated by the chef González Beristáin. He told us that the dishes they prepare today are more honest, with ingredients premises y nationals which emphasize the importance of being much more environmentally friendly. “We reduced our use of plastics and we try our suppliers there is no single employee. in addition, we have a orchard near us that provides us with certain herbs. “

Guillermo González Beristáin and Eduardo Morali, of Pangea

Flavors between the past and the present

Prior to the meal, the chefs of the Regiomontano restaurant shared that it was the first time they made such a long menu outside their facilities. Already in Kibi-Kibi, the atmosphere between the months was high expectations; the attendees drank water S.. Pilgrim while talking about their previous experiences in Pangea.

The first dishes to share arrived. We tried one aguachile verde made with fresh herb emulsion, mounted on a clam and with a little bit of chicharrón de cachete. We also tasted one of his new creations, which combines one tamal colado – Humble bite – highlighted with caviar. As a pairing, he was chosen organic wine Go and Come, made with grapes sauvignon blanc y white chenin.

One of the emblematic dishes of Pangea is its kampachi, pues is one of the first preparations that the chefs cooked together. The soft fish meat of Ensenada was accompanied by a miso emulsion and toasted butter, whose salty taste was amplified with slices of chili serrano and avocado. We taste this time with white wine Carrodilla, a organic white chenin.

Kampachi served by Pangea chefs in 5 of 50

A tribute to the Sultana of the North

Monterrey is presented during the meal in various ingredients. The most famous set in the city is the kid, so the cap Guillermo González Beristáin he made one reinterpretation own of Pangea. One was used for the preparation dairy kid, believes that he has not eaten herbs in his entire life, which causes a meat of extraordinary softness. This protein has been accompanied with pure cauliflower, bean sauce y beer sauce, and married the red wine Rabbit eye.

Regiomontano kid served by the Pangea restaurant

“Beer sauce a tribute to the brewing industry in Monterrey“That made a big impact for many years and changed the course of the city,” Chef González Beristáin said of the dish.

To close the menu, try the Sephardic heritage which lasts in Monterrey, present in a fig leaf sorbet mounted on a mirror of tofee of goat’s milk (whose sweetness is similar to the box) and accompanied by a pastel de fig fig. Definitely an explosion of temperatures and textures that he referred to the culinary richness of Jewish Spain.

After this culinary experience, there is nothing left but to wait to return to the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50 of Food and Travel.

Sephardic dessert at the Festival 5 of 50 of Food and Travel

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