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7 restaurants in Polanco for delicious food


Want to know what they are Restaurants that have recently arrived in Polanco to surprise with his proposals? In one more edition of you guide gastronomy pocket, we passed you heresee restaurants who are about to turn one year old and those who have just arrived, at one of the more areas chic in Mexico City, we are sure you will love it, take note! Photos: Courtesy, Elsa Navarrete, Arturo Torres Landa and Ana Belen Ortiz.

Restaurants in Polanco


Restaurants in Polanco

We open this guide to restaurants in Polanco to eat delicious with Beluga, the ideal restaurant for lovers of the Flavors of the Sea. Its menu transports you to the different coasts of the world through seafood which come from national coasts of Nayarit and also imported from New Zealand, Japan, Alaska and Chile.

From your arrival to this new one oyster bar, its setting starring plants and branches transport you to the beach. In the opposite letter Four types of ceviches (Sinaloa, Peru, Mantanche and black pearl), passing through aguachiles, ostiones (shaken, grilled, tabasco, etc.), clams and shrimp, even lobster and pasta which you can accompany with fresh cocktails. Check the application: $ 750 per person. Where: Av. Pdte. Masaryk 120, Polanco.

Zea is Arraigo

Restaurants in Polanco

Other delicious restaurants in Polanco, es Zea is Arraigo, Zea Group, and directed by the Mexican chef Pepe Salinas in conjunction with the cap Christian Gil. In this restaurant you will find one Mexican cuisine on offer which you can enjoy through your 7-course tasting menu -in what you can include pairing of national and international wines– oh well Choose your favorite dishes from the menu.

Among his must-sees are the black squid aguachile and ax callus with jicama; the delicious totoaba -sustainable fishing-, with popcorn and holy leaf crust; electric Pork with dill puree, and pheasant with pink mole and risotto. Without forgetting try their cocktails, which too they have the Mexican touch, like its mezcalita: mezcal, lemon juice, natural syrup and jamaica salt. Check the application: $ 700 per person. Where: Champs Elysees 189, Polanco. IG: @zeaesarraigo


Restaurants in Polanco

Now if they are yours the Spanish flavorsYou have to try this place to eat in Polanco: fourteeni Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant contemporary ideal for eating a good dish and at the same time enjoy a night of drinking with your friends.

The gastronomic proposal is the responsibility of the chef Alvaro Crespo, and consists of Hot and cold starters such as Mediterranean cheese table, Serrano ham and Iberian ham, Gorgonzola croquettes or Spanish tortilla. Also hay Rice and pasta that go perfectly with its wide variety of cocktails. Check the application: $ 750 per person. Where: Av. Pdte. Masaryk 61, Polanco.

Chambao Polanco

Restaurants in Polanco

The next proposal in Polanco is the Chambao Restaurantwhich by the way, is a Andalusian word that refers to a rustic space, made with palm leaves and wooden sticks. This usual word was the inspiration to create first bohemian concept born in Tulum, especially in cuts of meat and seafood.

This is the most recent proposal from RosaNegra Groupand conforms to Exclusive meats like Takamori Beef (the most exclusive Wagyu meat brand in the world, as its cattle are fed sake and rice), Grandmother beef (one of the oldest Wagyu meat brands in Japan), Jack’s Creek (Premium beef from Wagyu and Black Angus cattle), added from Tail of Australian Lobster and Caribbean Lobster (both grilled, with clarified butter and arugula), Senegal shrimp and Ora King Tyee salmon. Check the application: $ 1,500 per person. Where: Av. Pdte. Masaryk 460, Polanco.



If you prefer more daring and fun proposals, You have to meet Malix, this one stain of cuisine made with seasonal products and flavors of the world. This is a restaurant in itself, though the main bar in the morning is a cafe, while in the afternoon it becomes a bar.

Malix – pronounced malicious – means “without race” in Mayaso the decoration is inspired by a street puppy and multiculturalism, for its part, the kitchen of Mexican chef Alonso Madrigal celebrates the Wealth of culinary mestizaje through regional ingredients.

To bite, we recommend ordering the raw mackerel with white garlic, citrus and XO sauce (a kind of oriental seafood sauce), oh go delicious platter tostones with bean puree the tropical rooster beak; the shiitake mushroom gyozas and the wild mussel with apionabo puree and longaniza from Valladolid. Czech also his wine selection (80% of European origin). Check the application: $ 680 per person. Where: Newton 104, Polanco; entering through Heraclitus.

Blue and Gold Polanco

Restaurants in Polanco

We continue on the tour of restaurants to eat in Polanco, where you can not miss visiting Azul y Oro Polanco, the Ricardo Muñoz Zurita’s latest restaurant. This is a stain authentic mexican, located practically across from the busy Lincoln Park.

To get started, try the heirloom tomato salad, lettuce and Idiazabal cheese made in Puebla. Continue with the omelette soup with shredded chicken, Cream, panela cheese, avocado and chopped tortilla. In the must-see section, this is what’s happening moles of chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita and his duck fritters dipped in black mole. Check the application: $ 650 pesos. Where: Emilio Castelar 121, Polanco. blau.resta


Restaurants in Polanco

A restaurant in Polanco practically receive born in the area is Pardela, of Palmares Groupand directed by the young chef Jorge Guerrawho, in the street of Emilio Castelar serves splendid “free kitchen” dishes, as the chef himself prefers to name it, where the protagonists are the ingredients and the technique.

Visiting Pardela is a nice experience since you arrivedyou meet a elegant bistro, but Invite a release and enjoy of the atmosphere and the dishes, unpretentious. Its walls decorated with a Beautiful mural made for the illustration of Mariana Silva, following the story of av which inspired his name, which is free as the kitchen served by Chef Guerra.

The restaurant menu is divided into small and large dishesfor you to enjoy one More free experience and always invited to share. We recommend starting with their small dishes as their delicious Babaganush of tatemada eggplant and his bluefin tuna with lemon yellow, habanero, capers and olive oil. For large dishes ask for su exquisite steakthick cut, serve with pepper sauce and accompanied with french fries. Where: Emilio Castelar 44, Polanco. Check Average: $ 800 per person. IT: @pardela_mx

Definitely nothing like a guide for eat rich in every area of ​​Mexico City, Are you looking for more of these proposals? Here are my children stains who has to know if or if it stops Delicious food in the colony of San Rafael.


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