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3 Mediterranean restaurants that will fascinate you


In recent months, Mexico City has witnessed the birth of several Mediterranean restaurants with very high flights. However, these three stand out for theirs attachment to the productsu with respect to the techniques of their country of origin or well new proposal. No matter if you feel like one Spanish sweet rice O from sparkling seafood to Greekyou have to know these exquisite concepts. Text: Ana Belén Ortiz, Aurora Yee and Blanca Campollo / Photos: Courtesy

Ilios: from the Mediterranean to CDMX with a stopover in the Caribbean


We start this list of Mediterranean restaurants with one of the most openings recent y emotional. After achieving success in the Riviera Maya, Tulum and Cancun, Ilios just released based in Mexico City, specifically in Polanco. A load of Ilios is the chef Saul Castillo, who also runs the establishments of Quintana Roo. From his letter he opts for several meze and tickets to share. Then prepare for the Cold bar delicacies, where you can enjoy fresh seafood and fishing of the day. At every bite you will notice that the use of ingredients like olive oil quality, Lemon Eureka, Basil y olives

On the main course there are consistent flavors, such as shelf of lamb or their varied selection of quality cuts First. In Ilios, express your enthusiasm with the word avi: so it is received in the salted fish, which is one of the must-sees in the restaurant and achieves perfect cooking thanks to its stone oven. Right: they also have one Extensive cigar menu for lovers of the tobacco and smoky notes. Check the application: $ 1,500 pesos. Where: Masaryk 311, Polanco.

The rice mill, with a Catalan accent

The rice mill

Estonian Spanish-rooted restaurant is “everyone’s home”, as we share it on Chief Cisco Bartoli, during our. visit. With over 23 years of experience working in Tarragona, Spain, Cisco tells CDMX to release Spanish side of the Mediterranean to palates who already know Spanish cuisine. When you visit The rice mill you will not be able to resist one of their cocktails prepared in vermouth base (wine macerated in herbs) and a gin touch: its freshness it whets your appetite.

As a starter we recommend the delicious ones cabral croquettesand the Galician octopus: is the most perfect octopus you can try. but without a doubt L’arrosseria’s star dish is rice, for the Cisco boss has over 30 different forms of preparation. One of his favorites that you shouldn’t miss is black rice. You can’t leave either The rice mill without trying theirs delicious desserts, like the angel hair cake, electric chocolate coulant with vanilla ice creamoh la Vine cake with red fruits. Check Average: $ 650 per person. Where: Isaac Newton 116. Polanco. IT: @

Karpos: one of the most authentic Mediterranean restaurants

Restaurant Karpos

carpus It is a restaurant with Greek and Mediterranean trends Chef Estrella Jafif, who honors the product already the recipes he inherited from his mother, his grandmothers and his mother-in-law. Its decoration will make you feel on a Mediterranean island, thanks to its white walls, similar to those of the gray villages, and the bougainvillea which intertwines in the roof beams. Here the idea is that ask the center, share and accompany everything with homemade cocktails, like the aromatic Chabuka (gin, cardamom, star anise and cinnamon).

impossible electric kip of wheat, read jabras with chard and rice, the spanakopita and lentilsall made with recipes from family. To know the chef’s personal style, try the watermelon salad and made with mint and pistachio vinaigrette. Come on Gyroscopes they are the star dish of Karpos: Enjoy them nothing y lamb, salmon oh de Falafel. You can’t stop asking for them either carpus: charcoal wires accompanied by paella ok rice basmati lemonade and vegetables. Check the application: $ 800 pesos. Where: Blvd. Palmas Hills 2-PB 5, Las Palmas Valley. IG: @karpos_mexico

What did you think of this selection of Mediterranean restaurants in Mexico City? If you are looking for more places to spend a nice afternoon in between come up y good talk Czech these 5 places to go out with friends on the CDMX


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