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With the new Frontier flight to Cancun, Rhode Island International Airport will soon live up to its name


Warwick Airport has been international in name only for almost two years, at least in terms of scheduled passenger service.

That will change soon: Frontier Airlines will launch non-stop weekly flights from Rhode Island TF Green International Airport to Cancun, Mexico, on February 19th. It is the first scheduled international passenger service since Air Canada paused in the early days of COVID-19. -19 pandemic: It’s been a long time since state lawmakers added “Rhode Island” to the airport name.

The airport has international cargo and charter flights. Customs and Border Protection officials have already been working with international cargo carriers Wamos Air and Maleth Aero, with routes between Rhode Island and Southeast Asia, said Airport Corporation spokesman John Goodman . “They are ready to respond to the return service from Cancun, Mexico and other flights as international travel resumes,” Goodman said.

The new flight to Cancun, announced by the low-cost airline in November, also represents another Frontier expansion to Rhode Island. The airline offers year-round service to Orlando and Tampa, seasonal service to Fort Myers and includes service to Atlanta, Myrtle Beach and Miami later this year. On February 17, Frontier will also begin new flights from Rhode Island to Fort Lauderdale.

According to airport projections, Frontier Airlines will account for up to 11 percent of the airport’s passenger volume from January to June 2022.

Frontier’s acquisition of low-cost airline Spirit Airlines, announced Monday, could spur further growth in Rhode Island, Goodman said. Unlike Boston’s Logan International Airport, Spirit does not currently operate from TF Green to Warwick.

“We hope that this merger and the improvement of Frontier’s economy of scale in equipment and resources can lead to expanded service to PVD over time,” Goodman said.

Goodman said the airport corporation has also been informed that Air Canada plans to continue service to Providence.

Source: Publication of Brian Amaran at the Boston Globe


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