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Where Americans Are Going For Valentine’s Day 2022 – TripIt Blog


Love is in the air. On this Valentine’s Day, many Americans plan to warm things up with a warm weather getaway (okay, we also welcome the fire plans).

Below are the top 10 destinations for your 2022 Valentine’s Day travel based on TripIt booking data, as well as some ideas for planning a romantic date in the city of your choice.

10. Salt Lake City, Utah

Valentine's Day 2022

The capital of Utah begins the list at number 10. And whether visitors use the city as a gateway to other destinations in the state or stay to explore, Salt Lake City continues to appear on the radar of travelers. and TripIt data.

Date idea: Did you know? SLC’s Log Haven Restaurant has been voted one of the 10 most romantic restaurants in the country. Oh, did you know? And have you booked a reservation for day V? well done

During the day, check out the Utah Museum of Natural History (if you and your date love nature and history) or the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (ditto, but art).

9. Miami, Florida

Valentine's Day 2022

The first of two Sunshine State destinations on the list, Miami ranks number nine on the list. And it’s easy to see why: 305 is full of beautiful beaches, beautiful hotels and beautiful people.

Date idea: During the day, relax in the pool of one of Miami’s many boutique (and stylish) hotels. In the evening, head to Nobu Miami for an intimate dinner; nosh with sushi, sake and more.

8. Cancun, Mexico

The only international destination on the list, Cancun is no stranger to American tourists. In fact, the sunny destination was consistently ranked as the top international destination in 2021, according to TripIt data.

Date idea: beach Swimming pool. Ground. nap. This all seems like a divine way to spend Valentine’s Day. After a nap, head to one of Cancun’s top restaurants for a romantic meal with your travel companion – check out Le Chique’s deluxe restaurant or El Socio Naiz Taquería for tacos with a touch special.

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7. San Diego, California

From the city to the sea, San Diego attracts visitors with its sunny layout all year round. So it is no small surprise that in the middle of February many Americans are heading to this destination in Southern California.

Date idea: During the day, rent a Pedego electric bicycle and pedal through Balboa Park, a beautiful 1,000-acre park that houses museums, botanical gardens, and the San Diego Zoo. In the evening, head to Kettner Boulevard for a romantic meal at Juniper & Ivy, Kettner Exchange and Herb & Wood.

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6. Dallas, Texas

By now, you’ve probably noticed the trend for V-Day: many Americans are heading to warmer climates for the holidays. In fact, eight out of 10 destinations are warm (if not downright tropical) places. And Dallas is no exception.

Date idea: Plan a day trip; the city has lots of trails (check out some ideas here). Then dine at José (for Mexican cuisine), Sachet (for the Mediterranean) or Uchiba (for Japanese).

5. Los Angeles, California

Valentine's Day 2022

If it’s your Valentine’s Day wish to mingle and mingle with the stars, Los Angeles is the city to visit. But that’s not all this star-studded city has to offer. From beachfront restaurants to day trips with scenic views, LA is ideal for a romantic weekend.

Date idea: Head to the Getty Museum – admission is free, but you need to book in advance (nothing says romance how to plan ahead: a trail, a trail!). Then dine at Pasjoli (for French cuisine), Damian (for Mexican cuisine) or Angelini Osteria (for Italian cuisine).

4. Denver, Colorado

Valentine's Day 2022

However, not all days are sunny and beachy for Americans. Some are adopting cold-weather destinations in mid-February and all the benefits that come with them (see also Salt Lake City), such as winter sports, after-skiing, and related tourists. And that is precisely what has led Denver to fourth place.

Date idea: Check out one (or some!) Of Denver’s many breweries during the day. And at night? Choose from attractions such as Three Saints Revival (for tapas), YumCha (for dumplings and noodles) or Apple Blossom (for seasonal American cuisine).

3. Las Vegas, Nevada

From world-class spas to pool parties, blackjack tables to golf rounds, there’s something for everyone in Las Vegas, whether you’re hooked or alone. That’s what makes a Valentine’s Day trip to Las Vegas a plus for everyone. (SWIDT?)

Date idea: Two words: spa day. Then follow up with dinner at Buddy V’s Ristorante at The Venetian and end the night with a gondola ride along the Grand Canal.

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2.Phenix, Arizona

Valentine's Day 2022

Fainting saguaros? seed. And so are many Americans, apparently, as Phoenix reaches its second Valentine’s Day destination.

Date idea: During the day, check out the Desert Botanical Garden and its new exhibition Chihuly in the Desert. In the evening, head to Valentine’s (if you’re in town on the weekends) or Belly Kitchen & Bar for elegant drinks and creative food.

1. Orlando, Florida

On this Valentine’s Day, Orlando is the premier destination for travelers in the United States. Between the heat of the property, the sun, the world-renowned theme parks and the magical atmosphere in general, it’s easy to see why so many plan to spend the most romantic day of the year in Orlando. (It’s also a great destination for getting married and getting married!)

Date idea: Head to the Orlando Museum of Art to see Jean-Michel Basquiat’s new exhibit, followed by a dinner at Knife & Spoon.

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Methodology: TripIt reviewed U.S. flight bookings made between January 24, 2021, and January 24, 2022 for travel during Valentine’s Day weekend (Thursday, January 10, 2021). February 2022 – Tuesday, February 15, 2022). Booking information on TripIt is provided by users and is independent of the booking provider.

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