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What to pack to visit Xel-Há?


From biodegradable blocker to water shoes

Pack your bags with us

If you’re reading this, your visit to Xel-Há is probably just around the corner, and how lucky you are! Famous for its turquoise cove, Xel-Ha is a all-inclusive water park which focuses on sustainability and natural adventures. As we know you are a traveler who is ready for anything, here are some tips and considerations for your only concern, whichever lighthouse slide you choose.

Official identifications

I know, I know: to be a Caribbean vacation blog, we’ve come up with something really exciting, but packing the right IDs is very important for carry only the essentials and not run the risk of losing anything.

  • If you purchase your tickets online be sure to take your printed coupon ready to be displayed at the box office (they will not accept it if you present it digitally only), as well as the credit card with which you make the payment and an official identification.
  • If the person paying for the tickets is not going to accompany them that dayyou can take a copy of your official signature ID (IFE in case of being Mexican and passport in case of being a foreigner), a copy of the card for both signed and official identification of the visitor (original) in the reservation.
  • You are Mexican and you want to enter with the code PROMOMEX: each visitor must present an official identification to prove their Mexican nationality (IFE, INE or passport).
  • Sieres quintanarroense: Adults must present IFE or INE, driver’s license, FM2, FM3, temporary or permanent residence and issued in Quintana Roo. Minors must present a Quintana Roo IMSS school credential or ID card.
  • If you advertise your tickets with some temporary promotionbe sure to read the terms and conditions carefully and feel free to contact the Call Center for any further questions.

Hay lockers in Xel-Ha?

If you’re not one of those people who likes to pack lightly, don’t worry! In Xel-Ha there is readily available for all visitors at different points in the park. Please note that they are not large enough to protect your luggage, so we recommend that you leave the larger ones in your accommodation before your visit.

To rent one no deposit required, but there is a penalty in case of key loss, so it will be very well secured to your neck. At the end of the day, place the key in the indicated and ready containers.

If you have already taken a look at all the activities available, you will know that there are 3 ways to get to the river: walking the Path of Consciousness, in a small truck or cycling through a path in the jungle (my favorite) . So don’t worry about leaving all your clothes in the lockers before that. For example, you may find it more comfortable to ride a bike in shorts and flip flops or you want to wear your cap to protect yourself from the sun on the road. You can leave these belongings in one safety bag just before entering the river. They are wide, but not rigid, so it is not advisable to store fragile objects. You can pick them up at the exit, in the checkered flag module.

What kind of clothes should I wear to Xel-Há?

  • Of course: swimsuit. You will have to take part in the adventure activities (slides of the Faro Mirador, the Piedra del Valor, etc.), we recommend that you choose an option and build a claw to avoid dangers.
  • Items to protect you from the sun: glasses, cap, water player
  • Light and fresh clothes. Keep in mind that it will be constantly coming in and out of the water, yellow in the winter months, this destination stands out for its warmth. We suggest you wear some clothes that can be worn easily and not uncomfortable if you are wet (a pareo, for example).
  • To enter the restaurant of La Cocina del Pueblo (Mexican food), you need to be full seconds, because we recommend you bring one or two changes of clothes.
  • You are very shy, a sweater for transportation is a good idea
  • We are already talking about the dress of the day … remember that the use of mouthguards is still mandatory in the park. In the park shops you will find three-layered clothes that, in addition to being designed by parents, are quite comfortable.

The 15 most frequently asked questions before visiting Xel-Há.

What kind of shoes should I wear to Xel-Há?

Although there are no indispensable children, water shoes are you more choice to be “all-terrain” in your day in Xel-Há. It should be considered in many cases in the supermarkets of the Riviera Maia, which also includes direct purchases in the park. I find them especially useful at the beginning of the river, where there are many rocks and in the World of Adventure, where they help me to have a better grip on obstacles.

If you have optional activities on the agenda (Sea Trek, Snuba Cenote, Adrenaline, etc.) …

Sea Trek is the only activity where they will lend you water shoes, but if you do another one, you do suggest investing in water shoes.

Do I need to take Xel-Há?

It’s not necessary! Request one in the modules and deposit them in the indicated containers when you finish using it. The Xel-Há team places a lot of emphasis on being aware of our use of towels, as part of their comprehensive water management program.

Can I bring my camera?

Sure, you can bring your own camera or cell phone to capture your favorite moments. A great tip is to carry a waterproof case for cell phones (they are also on sale in the park). The only thing that is not allowed is drone flying.

You’d rather not be carrying these delicate objects everywhere, consider applying for the Photopass, with which you can take photos at different xelfie spots in the park. Be active with your bracelet, it is digitally entered and there are no photo limits. Add to your online purchase or purchase in parquet modules.

What kind of lock should I wear in Xel-Há?

We know that protecting your skin from the sun is very important, so we reiterate the importance of packing your hat, sunglasses and even a water toy that will protect you as much as possible. For the blocker topic, try to wear a chemical free, as not all blockers that have the law of “biodegradable” sleep. Following these tips will help you preserve the diversity of the cove.

Act on responsible sun protection.

Can I bring my own snorkel to Xel-Ha?

Yes! Your ticket includes unlimited snorkeling and all the necessary equipment (vest, mask, fins and breathing tube). All pre-disinfected, except the non-reusable tube and you can even take it home with you. However, you can bring your own from home if you prefer.

Should I take a bottle of water?

Your entry to Xel-Há includes unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as it is not essential to bring your own bottle of water. However, if there is drinking troughs around the park where you can fill them.

And ready! You will see that these recommendations should keep all the difference and keep the improvisation / confusion to a minimum. When we visit a place for the first time, we can often invade this feeling of forgetting something super important, but I’m sure enough with a Japanese in this extraordinary cove to remember that the most important thing is to collect moments with the right people.


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