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What to do in Cancun during spooky season?


Halloween and Dia de Muertos in Cancun

October is a season when people in many countries dress up as their favorite movie characters or creepy cartoons. This is no different in Cancun. When planning your trip to Cancun or the Riviera Maya during this Halloween season, you should know that you are in for a treat (or a trick?). Halloween and Dia de Muertos in Cancun give your vacation more things to do, read on and learn more about what you can do in Cancun during this spooky season.

Halloween is not Dia de Muertos

First of all, let’s talk about the elephant in the room, Halloween and Dia de Muertos are two different things that are celebrated on different days. The Day of the Dead, in English, was celebrated on the day November 1 and 2 it is not another version of Halloween, which is celebrated on the day October 31. You may already know this, but just in case.

Halloween is an American celebration, it’s all about candy and costumes, while Day of the Dead is an ancient tradition in Mexican culture that celebrates the death and life of loved ones who have died.

Dia de la Mort or Dia de Muertos comes from different indigenous groups who believed that by building an altar and other rituals, they could guide death to the spiritual world.

Where to go for Halloween and Dia de Muertos in Cancun

Now, speaking of the holidays, if you’re staying anywhere near Cancun this spooky season, you’ll be able to see the city dress up and the decorations are more colorful and spooky than ever. This is the best time to visit Cancun, the weather is cool and sunny, the parties are more fun and the activities are more memorable. These are some of the special activities that will take place in the city:

1. Xcaret Festival of Life and Death

The Day of the Dead festivities are intangible World Heritage by UNESCO and during the Festival of Life and Death, there will be different plays, musical presentations, workshops, dance shows, and even a space just for children in the Interactive Hacienda, as well as the traditional mass of the Feast of All Saints on November 1

2. Ventura Park Halloween Party

People can enjoy all the fun of this tourist attraction from seven in the evening until midnight, with a foam party, live DJs, and more than 35 attractions such as slides and zip lines, as well as a show of virtual reality.

3. Halloween at the Club

The City, Coco Bongo, Mandala, you name it, the best clubs in town host the best Halloween parties! If you go with your group of friends and want to have fun until the early hours, Cancun nightclubs have something special for you, prizes and unlimited drinks. This Halloween, get ready to dress up and party like a rock star.

4. Haunted houses

Most of the hotels in the Hotel area they will host haunted houses for their guests. Be sure to ask the front desk about any special events they may be holding. Hotels often have Halloween parties and altars to showcase Mexican traditions. This includes special food and decor throughout the hotel area.

Flights to Cancun in November

November is just around the corner and if you want to book a last minute flight to enjoy these celebrations and the upcoming holidays, today is the day. This is the beginning of the high season, but how black friday comes, other deals may pop up, so be prepared to find some great deals on Cancun flights and accommodations.


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