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The new Chedraui Select grocery store in Playa del Carmen


Chedraui Select Playa del Carmen

After waiting a while for the works to be completed and the store installed, the new Chedraui Select grocery store is now open! You can find this new grocery store on the corner of 10th Avenue and 34th Street. This is a welcome addition to the north end of downtown that will not only give people a nicer store to shop in, but which will also be much more accessible to people. For most people, the best choice was the Mega or Walmart downtown. Both are located on 30th Ave. As Playa has been developed to the north, this is a great addition to the area that will match the grocery store coverage.

What is a Chedraui Select store?

Chedraui is a Mexican branded grocery store. They also operate in four western states of the United States under the name “El Super”. There are already several Chedraui stores in Playa del Carmen, but this is the brand’s first “Select”. The Chedraui Select is the luxury version. There are marble-tiled floors, a wider wine selection, prepared meals and more snacks and dining options.

In terms of comparison to other Chedraui Select stores, this one is decent, but not top of the line. They have time to develop and see what the market community wants.

What does Chedraui Select have?

At the entrance there is a prepared food area followed by meat and cheese counters. There is also a bakery in the shop.

Chedraui Playa del Carmen

You can expect a wider range of wines for a supermarket. Prices compared to La Europa (Playa’s main liquor store) are generally more expensive at Chedraui Select. Check out our guide to where to buy wine, beer and spirits in Playa del Carmen.

Selection of Chedraui wines

Wines and more Wines. Wines from all over the world are available here.

The meat section.

Chedraui Select Playa Del CARMEN

Probably the biggest advantage of shopping here is the overall experience. It is organized and clean and not too crowded.

grocery store Playa del Carmen

The fruit and vegetable section is nice. There isn’t much difference between other grocery stores except for the display options.

Chedraui Select

Well, this is a tourist town after all, you can pick up some souvenirs here.

Chedraui Select Playa del Carmen

There are many boxes and people working to pack the groceries. Be sure to tip the people wrapping. Many are elderly people with small pensions.

Chedraui Playa del Carmen

Since parking around the grocery store is metered and limited, underground parking is available! You can exit the store and take the ramp down to your car if you drive here.

Chedraui Select car park

Thank you for looking at our article about the new Chedraui Select in Playa del Carmen. We have another article on grocery stores in Playa del Carmen here if you like, as well as information on other small specialty markets. The search box on our website can help you find everything you need for Playa del Carmen.

Meanwhile in Tulum……

Tulum had a new Chedraui for years and it was better than any supermarket in Playa del Carmen. Now Playa has a “Selecta Store”, but Tulum’s Chedraui is also going through a lot of changes. This is also a Chedraui Select. There’s even a brand new building in the parking lot. The shop itself has a higher ceiling and is better organized inside.

This square now has more shops. Expect parking to be more congested.

Chedraui Tulum

Tulum’s Chedraui is also getting a makeover.


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