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The Kukulkán Pyramid at the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival


Have you ever imagined seeing the shocking represented Pyramid of Kukulkán, by Chichén Itzá, with ice? China Well, China made it possible! It was in the 23rd Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in China, which is inaugurated on past January 5th and that this year focuses on the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and on se developed an ice replica of the Kukulkán pyramid com i gift for the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Mexico. We present all the details. Photos: Adobe Stock and Embassy of Mexico in China and Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

Sculpture festival

Pyramid of Kukulkan

Harbin is the capital of the glacial province of Heilongjiang, in the northwest of China, and every year – since 1963 – is the home to one of the most important snow and ice sculpture festivals in the world and the largest in the country.

He Harbin Ice and Snow Festival It is very popular because it is marked by Siberian territories where the temperature can drop to -38 ° C. This year, will end on February 5th.

Perfect replica

the imposing archeological site of Chichen Itza al Yucatán protects one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World: The Pyramid of Kukulkán. This is one of the highest of all Mayan architecture, one of the most recognized and one of the main ones in all Mexico thanks to sus new stepped bodies 24 meters high, to its facades decorated with serpents and jaguars that give sample of the blossoming of the culture that represents.

Pyramid of Kukulkán on ice

For the celebration by first 50 years of China-Mexico relations, the Asian country placed one imposing replica of the Kukulkán pyramid 9.5 meters high by 20.9 wide, which has led to great success among visitors to the renowned annual event.

It should be noted that This replicates the first themed ice sculpture in a Latin American country Present at the International Snow and Ice Festival. It has new levels and four facades with stairs each and was baptized with the name of Eternal return of the Sun. and was performed with a 440 square meter ice block.

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