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Such were the American Express Business Business Hotel and Travel Awards


The trajectory and resilience of the Entrepreneurs in the tourism and gastronomic sectors of Mexico deserving of a tribute, even more so at a time full of tweaks. therefore we join in the recognition of these actors at an awards ceremony, the Food and Travel Hospitality Awards 2022 for American Express Business Class. Get to know the highlights of this ceremony and fill yourself with inspiration with your stories of business leadership. Photos: Gabriel Núñez and Charly Ramos.

Food and Travel and American Express: an exceptional alliance

In search of Food and Travel to recognize the leaders of hospitality in Mexico, we find in American Express and ally who shares this same admiration for tourism and gastronomy entrepreneurs. So it is possible to concretize this award, he did not meticulous process of nominations, selection and curatorship for part of a panel of industry experts.

hospitality awards gala

Finally, after more than seven months of planning, is June 29that about 7:00 p.m., he was summoned 152 entrepreneurs and personalities who lead the concepts of gastronomy and tourism. The headquarters was the brand new The Ritz-Carlton Mexico City hotel, set up with a montage for a gala insoluble in your apartment 11.

After the welcome by Raúl Sayrols and Ceilia Núñez, CEO and Editorial Director of Food and Travel México, American Express also includes a message about this great event. Andreia Morelli, Vice President of Marketing and Service Cards at American Express Mexicoshe was in charge of speaking on behalf of this renowned company.

Andreia Morelli

“We are witnessing a different, unprecedented award, one that recognizes all those entrepreneurs and protagonists in the hotel and gastronomy industry, but from the point of view of hospitality; These awards are to recognize those who have resilience, intelligence and courage will face and face the economic and social crisis as a result of the pandemic.“, confirms Morelli.

Flavored in Mexico


For the dinner offered at the gala of the Food and Travel Hospitality Awards 2022 for American Express Business Classone was served four-stroke menu. Carlos Gaytan, the first Mexican to get a Michelin star and own tzucoin Chicago, he was in charge of consenting with two cymbals. As a representative of Mexican cuisine in the world, your chef considers his work to be full of commitments. “Being an ambassador in the gastronomic world is a great thing because you always have to think about the people who come after you. It is the effort and dedication that have allowed me to tell stories in each dish“He said.

Dinner Hospitality Awards

In this way, the preparations he offered during the dinner reflect the French technique that already characterizes him, but with flavors that allow him to tell his story as a Mexican. For their part, the bosses Jonathan Félix and Erick Astié, of The Ritz-Carlton Mexico City, they were in charge of starter and dessert, respectively.

To do started with one Burrata from the Valley of Mexico that was accompanied with carrots in different textures. To continue with the same line of making the product shiny, the menu continued with one Papantla prawn with two sauces, one white butter of vanilla and a hernia of saffron, that was Finished with yolk cured with yuzu and ginger. For the main course, attendees will enjoy the perfect cooking of one duck attached with yellow sweet potato puree and pickled beetroot with tree chili.


The food is not complete without a good pairing, and we chose the legendary winery Casa Madero therefore. In their wines V. Rosado, 2 v y Great Shiraz Reserveattendees found the perfect balance for each of the times. These labels were chosen for their structure, frank notes and elegance in their composition. meanwhile for dessert, Don Julio 1942 it accompanied the dessert with the character that put like product of its aging. In turn, Garci Crespo was present at all times to offer the purity of its mineral water.

Exciting revelations

Directors of the Hospitality Awards

The 14 categories of the American Express Business Business Food and Travel Hospitality Awards 2022 were revealed in two blocks, with Carlos Mota, journalist and author specializing in economics, and Cecilia Núñez as directors. Each of them was conceived to highlight the qualities of the entrepreneurs who run the country’s tourism and gastronomy.

It was also an opportunity to pay tribute to works that, in many cases, span decades of dedication. This is the case of the Trayectoria Turística award, which was given to Miguel Quintana Pali, founder and CEO of Xcaret Group. In turn, the Susana Palazuelos, founder and CEO of Palazuelos Banquets.

Susana Palazuelos

Creativity, support for agro-ecological culture and low-impact tourism were also aspects retouched in the categories. That way, go Food and Travel Hospitality Awards 2022 of American Express Business Class also visualized young actors who want to change the course of things. This is the example of the winners of the Sustainable Revelation Chef Award: Cynthia Xrysw Ruelas and Oscar Segundo, who are in charge of Chocolate and Nejayote, to Jalisco.

“I am a person who comes from the countryside, I have always been among milpas and I know how little the peasants have been seen. We have been doing our job for four years and, being nominated in this category and being surrounded by great chefs, reflects that effort. It is an opportunity to travel and send a letter to the worth to do what is done«, Expresses the the chef Oscar Segundo.

Tourism Promise Tourism Awards

They experienced this same emotion Rodrigo Trujillo and Gerardo Ibarra, creators of Route of Originwho were creditors of the Promesa Turística award. The award was presented to them in the number of one of our sponsors, Volkswagen Mexico, established in 1964 in our country. for him, Natasha RuizSpecialist in Media of the brand, she was in charge of giving them the deserved recognition for their work.

To continue savoring the world

One of the realities addressed by the tourism and gastronomy industries is the need for take sustainability as one of its pillars. therefore Enrique de la Madrid, director of the Center for the Future of the Technological Cities of Monterrey, gave a special lecture during the ceremonies, based on his experience in the subject.

Enrique de la Madrid

Under the subject The future of tourismthe also former Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico inspires us with your ideas to enjoy the journey of life with social and environmental responsibility. Adamas, he did it is in the importance of gastronomy in tourism, “being the second reason for a tourist trip to Latin America and the third around the world”, emphasis.

Paragraph Cecilia Núñez, the American Express Business Business Class 2022 Hospitality and Travel Awards they were a unique opportunity for bring together creative people, entrepreneurs driven by love for Mexico. In addition, he invited us to continue exploring responsibly: “We can be agents of change and respect for the places we visit. We must continue to travel and savor the world; we cannot love what we do not know, so the only way we will preserve it is by loving it«.

Find out the full list of winners

Under the symbolism of a 12-pointed star, which refer to the 12 months of the year, the winners of the Food and Travel Hospitality Awards 2022 for American Express Business Class received one sculpture specially designed for the award by David Troice. This artist is known for rescuing the philosophy of the origami and impregnate his work with it. “The pieces were a reinvention of the material of other sculptures, which were founded and reborn for these stars. It is a simile of what happened to all these companies that have had to resurface from below. we share.

Undoubtedly, both the nominees and the 14 winners eldest son examples of reinvention, resilience and passion for our country. Ready to know the final results? Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

Food and Travel stars-troice

Entrepreneur of the Tourism Sector │ Emiliano Iturriaga, Sebastián Muñoz and Diego Espinoza

Sustainable Tourism Philosophy │ Vicente Ferreyra Acosta

Gastronomic Entrepreneur of the Year │ Daniel Ovadia

Tourist Trajectory │ Miguel Quintana Pali

Gastronomic Trajectory │ Susana Palazuelos

Sustainable Revelation Chef │ Cynthia Xrysw Ruelas and Oscar Segundo

Promoter of Artisanal Producers │ Lucio Usobiaga

Gastronomic Promise │ Sofia Cortina

Tourist Entrepreneur of the Year │ Ercan Yilmaz

Creative Business │ Ana Martorell

Sustainable Gastronomic Philosophy │ Edgar Nunez Magaña

Tourist Promise │ Rodrigo Trujillo and Gerardo Ibarra

Entrepreneur of the Gastronomic Sector │ Karla and Raquel Selvas

Oenological, Brewing or Spiritual Trajectory │ Daniel and Brandon Milmo

To relive this night of stars and awards, you can see here the full ceremony streamed via Facebook.

Want to find out more about the background of these awards? Read more of this tribute to business talent here.


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