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Ramsar sites in Mexico: knowing them will preserve them


When it comes to Protected natural areasno category is as attractive as that of National Park. If the fault lies with cultural strata or obsolete nationalisms, it is the least. Mexico has more than 140 wetlands of international importance cataloged as Ramsar sites. Please talk about them. Photos: Marc Gutt.

What is a Ramsar site?

Pátzcuaro Lake, Mexican Ramsar site

National park, wildlife refuge and natural heritage of humanity they are all Categories for designing protected natural spaces. Some, like the first pair, subject to regional criteria and standards. Others, like the one competing here, Rules by international regulations.

Signed in the decade of 1970 in the city of Iran that bears his name, the Ramsar Convention was born for preserve wetlands of international importance. By implementing policies of rational use of resourcesRamsar Velan sites for the conservation of ecosystems such as mangroves, swamps, deltas, estuaries y marisma.

Mexico joined the Ramsar Convention in 1986 With more than 11 kilometers from the coastit is not uncommon for us to occupy the second place in the list of countries with more Ramsar sites. Impressive numbers, but not enough to echo. Here we are, once again, facing the dilemma of the egg and the hen. Aren’t we talking about the importance of Ramsar sites because they don’t know they exist or don’t know they exist because we don’t talk about them?

Wetlands worthy of tourist interest

La Tovara Wetland, Nayarit, one of the Ramsar sites in Mexico

Before beginning this very empirical text, I did an exercise on the Food and trips to Mexico. Search the web archives for two concepts: “National Park” i «Ramsar location«. The search threw up more than 400 publications referring to “national park” y only one which mentions «Ramsa siter ». Two, if we count note which talks about the agreement.

The page It ‘s about travel, so its focus is obvious places of interest tourist. No? Well, with all due respect Los Remedios National Parkthe mangroves of La Tovara they have so much more potential to attract travelers than the hill to the Chilean suburbs.

If the Ramsar site category does not draw attention in itself, the reason it has little to do with lack of attractiveness. Wetlands are ideal places to bird watching, kayaking and sunrise. And worldly pleasures aside, they play a key role in improving water quality, protected from possible flooding and controlling coastal erosion.

Visit Ramsar sites in Mexico

The Ramsar site category proposes a wetland conservation model that starts from the rational use of resources, not of the absolute restriction of human activity. Well implemented, sustainable tourism makes protected ecosystems and economic genres visible to local communities that ultimately protect them.

I have no space and it makes no sense to list them more than 140 Ramsar sites in Mexico. And I make it clear that I am far from knowing them all. That said, here they go some of my favorites for breathing fresh air, enjoy nature and see the egg and the hen. Not any hen, the dwelling.

Ramsar Sites in Mexico

  1. Ramsar La Encrucijada, Chiapas

Also listed as biosphere reserveFirst Ramsar site in southern Chiapas shelter mangroves and flood pastures in the Soconusco region. Ideal for watching birds, to enjoy Virgin Beaches y Practical tourist community

  1. Ramsar La Tovara site, Nayarit

relatives Close to San Blas and TepicLa Tovara it one of the best kept secrets of the nayarita coast. Mangrove communities offer boat tours to see about 200 species of birds.

  1. Ramsar site Lake Pátzcuaro, Michoacán

Lake Pátzcuaro is more than holding Night of the Dead. He Mexico’s third largest lake is home to endemic fishlodge more than 170 bird articles and shelters communities that do Crafts with pastures that grow on the shores of the lake.

  1. Ramsar Site Laguna Ojo de Liebre, Baja California Sur

Located in the middle of the Baja California Peninsulathis brackish lagoon is famous for its gray whale watching tours during the winter. refuge par about 100 species of birdsOjo de Liebre is also listed as Biosphere Reserve and Natural Heritage of Humanity.

  1. Ramsar site Sian Ka’an, Quintana Roo

Located between Tulum and Felipe Carrillo PuertoSian Ka’an is a natural sanctuary for manatees, crocodiles y more than 300 bird items. Also listed as reserves the biosphere and World HeritageSian Ka’an resguarda mangroves, petenes, lagoons y cenotes

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