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New projects affecting traffic at Cancun Airport


With the passage of the year, the government of Cancún has planned new infrastructure projects. New projects affecting traffic at Cancun Airport have directly affected traffic, especially at Cancun Airport. So if you are arriving at Cancun Airport or departing from Cancun, this information is relevant to you.

Construction and traffic works on Boulevard Colosio in Cancun
Construction works on Boulevard Colosio and traffic at Cancun Airport

The future of Cancun

Over the next 18 months, Cancun will face major changes due to airlifts and other interventions. Therefore, if you are traveling to Cancun International Airport, you should be aware of these significant delays.

Last week, the renovation of the main boulevard of the Colosseum began. Tourists will be forced to schedule their trip to the airport ahead of schedule. This is due to reported delays of up to two hours.

In recent weeks, authorities have been warning residents and tourists alike of possible delays due to the massive construction project. Combined with a record-breaking summer holiday season, many tourists struggle to catch their flight on time. Last weekend, several local media published reports of the traffic at Cancun airport.

The Projects

Tthe massive overhaul will see new hydraulic concrete 1) added along the 13.5 kilometer boulevard. Besides, 2) several new bridges will be built 3) Chac Mool Avenue will be widened and connected to Avinguda Huayacan and 4) Boulevard Colosio.

  1. The bridge, the rehabilitation of Avenida Colosiowith an extension of 13.5 kilometers, it will have an investment of 1,085 million pesos and whose work will be completed in October 2023.
  2. The Nichupte vehicle bridge it has a length of 8.8 kilometers. An investment of 5.58 billion pesos will be required. “The Nichupté bridge will have access to the boulevard, coming from the airport towards the hotel area, and on the way back from the hotel area you can enter towards the boulevard, towards the airport, towards Kabah and Bonampak avenues. The execution period of the bridge is 17 months, in December 2023
  3. Chac Mool Avenue is 4.4 kilometers from the city center. It will have an investment of 237.8 million pesos and is planned completion in September 2023.
  4. load, the Cancun airport distributor road to improve accessibility to the air terminalwith an investment of 360 million pesos, which will also be delivered October 2023.
The Nichupte bridge
Renderings of the Nichupte bridge

Not everything is as bad as it seems! These projects have been stopped for many years. The bridge and other renovations will breathe new modern life into vehicular life in Cancun, for tourists and locals alike.

In the meantime, traffic authorities have indicated alternative roads:

  • Avenida Huayacan
  • Avenue 135
  • Avenida José López Portillo
  • Highway 180 Merida-Cancún

Driving to Cancun airport-hours of traffic

If you’re taking any type of transportation to the airport, you should know that the heaviest traffic occurs between 6 and 10 a.m. from downtown to Cancun International Airport. While 5pm to 8pm sees more traffic from the airport to the city center. In order to alleviate traffic congestion, the authorities have taken several measures, including removing some traffic lights and prioritizing public transport, including buses.


At Cancun Airport, we want to keep you updated on these matters of possible delays that may affect your check-in. Please note the following recommendations regarding new projects affecting traffic at Cancun Airport:

  • Add another hour to yours Transportation to the airport to avoid missing the flight.
  • Plan the different routes in advance to avoid the main traffic hours.
  • If you have hired private transportation, make sure they are aware of this and help you schedule your trip on time.

Reported traffic update news

They saw some this past weekend the highest number of passengers of the summer to Cancun International Airport (AIC), with delays of up to an hour entering or leaving the terminals. According to the airport’s daily air traffic update, more than 183,000 passengers passed through the airport’s terminals over the weekend. Additionally, hotel occupancy in Quintana Roo is 88%, indicating strong growth in international travel this summer.


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