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Migration policy is improving at Cancun airport


Authorities acknowledge improvements by Mexico’s National Immigration Institute (INM). However, according to the Riviera Maya Hotel Association, it still needs to be improved. Following a series of meetings and a recent Rule 35 amendment, immigration policy at Cancun Airport has improved.

One of the improvements is the availability of the ‘digital kiosks’ of the National Immigration Institute, which, according to the Riviera Maya Hotel Association, have gone through an extensive process in order to simplify the filters of the National Institute. of Immigration. Another improvement is the integration of new elements of the National Immigration Institute. Waiting times have been reduced from 3 hours to approximately 40 minutes.

“In most cases now, passengers only have to spend an average of 40 minutes at the terminal to fill out the documentation, when it used to take up to 3 hours,” said the head of the Riviera Hotel Association Maya, Toni Chaves.

“We are very surprised that they have fulfilled all their promises,” he added.

Although significant improvements have been made in terms of waiting times at the National Immigration Institute, Toni mentions that customs services are an area where there is a lot of work to be done. He added that meetings have been held with state, federal and National Immigration Institute officials to improve immigration service at the airport.

“Now we will continue with the second part of the improvement plan in other areas such as the change of the access sheet for a digital one and the placement of passport kiosks, so that this procedure will not be done by the National Agency. Immigration Institute, “he said.

According to Chaves, they are currently working with Customs to optimize the verification of luggage, which is still a slow process due to lack of staff.

In addition to all this, the Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco, announced that an amendment to Article 35 of the Migration Law was approved, which allowed the activation of digital kiosks of the National Immigration Institute in the Mexican airports.


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