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Historic record for flights from Canada to Cancun


These all-time flight records from Canada to Cancun are making the destination the number one choice for other Canadians, and they’re selling fast!

A few weeks ago we published an article on “Why is Cancun so popular with American travelers?”. The answer to that question had to do with direct flights from many major cities in the U.S. Today, Canada is stepping up its game and reopening flights to Cancun and adding some new routes that have been bought to the clock.

This only confirms the popularity of Cancun and the Riviera Maya and why Cancun Airport is one of the 10 busiest airports in the world.

Over the course of the year, more than 26 million tourists are expected to pass through the busy gates of Cancun International Airport. The number of visitors before the pandemic started was already high, Cancun has been known for its beaches and party atmosphere. But it was until Canada finally lifted all entry restrictions from COVIDthat the number of flights purchased began to increase.

Especially this holiday, Canada will stand out as local and international tourism from Canada to Cancun travel for a taste of the Caribbean.

There are more flights from Canada to Cancun this winter than at any other time in history.

Playa Las Perlas in Cancun

More flights to Cancun

There are now over 27 non-stop flights for Canadians to choose from this holiday.

High season starts in November and people continue to travel to Cancun until April for spring break. For Canadians and Americans, Thanksgiving week and November in general, ask for a holiday. The cool weather approaching northern countries has them wanting to travel to a more tropical vacation, and who do we blame?

Cancun is the perfect winter vacation destination. Beach, sun and all the fun, at least that’s what you can hear the tourists say.

Air Canada flights to Cancun

Flights Canada – Cancun

Top cities flying from Canada to Cancun


Toronto has the most flights to Cancun. Air Canada, Air Transat and Swoop, all have recurring direct flights to Cancun that operate every day of the week. This can vary by season, such as WestJet, which opens its route to Cancun from November to April.


Unlike Toronto, Ottawa only has seasonal flights to Cancun. Airlines like Flair Airlines, Air Canada, Air Transati WestJet, have non-stop flights to Cancun from November to April or March of next year. Airlines vary on the days they fly.


Halifax has WestJet, Air Canada and Air Transat that offer direct flights to Cancun on a seasonal basis. Airlines operate this route between November and April and the days they fly vary. But while WestJet begins its routes in November, Air Canada others Air Transat they start theirs in December and February, respectively.

Quebec City

Quebec City is one of the cities with year-round flights to Cancun. During Cancun’s low season, each airline only operates the route one day per week. When winter begins, they fly several times a week.


Montreal has Cancun as a recurring destination for travelers. Air Canada and Air Transat have scheduled flights to Cancun almost every day of the year.


Victoria has only one airline that flies directly to Cancun, WestJet. Between November and April, the carrier operates the route band only on Saturdays.


Vancouver is well connected to Cancun and offers direct flights all year round. Air Canada others WestJet fly the route and add more flight days as the peak season begins.


WestJet connects Calgary with Cancun every year, while Air Canada fly the route seasonally. WestJet flies almost every day during the winter, making them a flexible option to book.

Hyatt Zilara

Other cities with seasonal flights to Cancun









Tourist restrictions and COVID

this monthCanada lifted the last of its COVID-related entry restrictions, and returning tourists no longer have to quarantine. Despite being one of the strictest countries in the Americas when it comes to COVID lockdowns and regulations, Canada has an easy way to bounce back from the crisis.

During the pandemic, Canada closed its airports and all borders were closed. With everyone locked up for almost 2 years, the country was surely isolated. In 2022, the situation has changed dramatically and tourists are once again trying international travel.

Canadian travelers can catch a flight to the Mexican Caribbean from major airports in the country, including Toronto, Montreal and Calgary.

Canadian Airlines flying into Cancun Airport

Air Canada fly to Cancun and Cozumel, one of the area’s top island destinations, creating a route throughout the Riviera Maya. A 4-hour one-way flight from Toronto to Cozumel costs about $482 on Air Canada throughout November, with a slightly cheaper rate for flights from Cancun.

Calgary passengers can fly to Cancun in January for just $290 with a 1-hour layover, although non-stop flights they are also available for $387 on the same dates.

on the other hand Air Transatoffers a cheaper option, with one-way flights from Montreal to Cancun for as little as $380 in December.

Sunwing Airlines is another good alternative, which also offers all-inclusive holiday packages.

New airport technology

Canadian travelers will also benefit from new border crossing technology this winter, which uses passport readers and digital boarding passes to speed entry into the country. This increases the efficiency of airport traffic, just as Cancun Airport has adapted to its own new doors E to provide travelers with an easier and faster method of passing through immigration checkpoints.


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