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Guide to food and drink in Xel-Há


International buffet or authentic Mexican food?

Make the most of the all-inclusive gastronomic offer!

We always talk about the natural wonders of Xel-Ha (and with good reason!), But today we want to bring you a tape recorder. its culinary wonders.

One of the many attractions of this water park, no doubt its all-inclusive entrance, with which you can enjoy Unlimited food and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) all day (8:30 am – 6:00 pm). As food enthusiasts, here are some of the traditional dishes, refreshments and desserts you should try.

Before we start, we need to know that the gastronomic offer of the park is so wide and tasty, that this blog could be eternal… but for practical reasons we decided to extol those that will include:

  • Ingredients of the region
  • Original Recipe
  • Unique preparation methods
  • That’s just for the big visitor favorites

Now, are you ready? To eat!

Restaurants in Xel-Ha: Main consumption centers

Within the park there are four main consumption centers (all operating under the “assisted buffet” scheme as part of the security protocols):

Xula Vista

  • International menu. The menu changes from breakfast to lunch from 12:30 p.m.
  • Location: a few steps from the island of the Hammocks.
  • 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • # 40 in the Xcaret APP.

The People’s Kitchen

  • 100% Mexican food.
  • 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Location: next to the nursery and entrance to the Mirador Lighthouse.
  • # 41 in the Xcaret APP.

Bridge Bar

  • Order your favorite drinks and cocktails here.
  • 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Location: at the expense of Puente del Pulpo and Fish Therapy.
  • # 44 in the Xcaret APP

Note: around the park you can find other smaller bars to cool off.

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The terrace

Snack bar with burgers, pizzas and traditional accessories such as papas gajo. As a new measure, it is not always operating, but from 12:30 pm you can go against its menu in “Xula Vista”.

A great tip to fully enjoy the food and drinks in Xel-Há, is download the XCARET APP!, which has an illustrated map and GPS. Available for iOS and Android.

To refresh ourselves: Drinks

– Guanabana water

Soursop is a tropical fruit that only grows in warm climates. It is green on the outside and white on the inside. This inner pulp is soft, very juicy and of sour taste. Its aroma resembles that of the pineapple and I love it, as it combines perfectly with the paradisiacal landscape. Don’t forget to mix it well before drinking.

Can you order it? Ask for it to accompany your food in Xula Vista or La Cocina del Pueblo.

Tamarind water

Maybe if you live in Mexico, tamarind water seems quite common to you, but I’m very excited to ask for it when I go to Xel-Ha because it’s not syrup, but natural pulp. A delight! It tastes sweet and sour, and is extremely refreshing. As with the soursop, mix the contents of your glass well to taste the pulp well.

If you are not from Mexico and have never tasted tamarind water, let me tell you that you are about to try one of the most emblematic drinks in our gastronomic culture. It is common to find tamarind trees in the country’s insurance and the fruits, being surrounded by a rigid pod, can be found after collection without any treatment. The taste of tamarind it is sour but sweet and you can also try different ones traditional mexican sweets which sometimes come enchilados and in others, sprinkled with sugar.

¿Where can you order it? Ask for it to accompany your food in Xula Vista or La Cocina del Pueblo.


The category of drinks was especially at odds in this list, but to follow the rules of the game, we select the michelada as a pampered preparation. This delicacy is served in a frosted glass with lemon juice, salt or chili powder. Its color is the result of different sauces that give this Mexican itch so refreshing and clear, you can not miss the beer! If you are interested in trying other preparations, try the “Chelada”, which only contains lemon juice in a glass frosted with salt; or “Clamato”, which has tomato juice instead of spicy sauces.

Can you order it? Ask for it to accompany your food in Xula Vista or La Cocina del Pueblo and in the bars around the park.

Note: inside the restaurants, drinks are served in glass jars, but in bars they use plastic cups. They are not disposable, so you can deposit the empty glass in the containers indicated for disinfection and washing.

Other drinks you should try: our flagship cocktail “Xel-Há” (based on gin, lemon juice, blue currant and mineral water) and a very cold Margarita. Health!

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The most important meal of the day: breakfast

Seasonal fruit with pineapple and granola yogurt

There are those who can’t think of a breakfast without fruit, and in Xel-Ha there is a whole bar that gathers seasonal delicacies with their respective accessories. Today we want to recommend the house pineapple yogurt, but if you prefer, there is also strawberry. Striped coconut and granola for an extra touch of flavor and that’s it, the start of a great day. Don’t forget to ask for fresh juices and water (watermelon is my favorite).

Where can you find them? During breakfast in Xula Vista.


This traditional Mexican breakfast is as powerful as it is “Raise the dead” of Sunday par excellence (cure for the unveiled, then). Serve red or green and don’t forget to add extra cream and cheese. Some people prefer them to be crispy and others to make the tortilla softer. By the way, they are not spicy, but you can always add them to your sauce of choice.

Where can you find them? Breakfast at Xula Vista (9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.)

For those with “good fang”: dishes

Stew tacos

We go to the highlights in this food and drink count in Xel-Ha. I must say that at this point we did a bit of cheating, thanks to the extraordinary variety of stews, here are many possible combinations: potato with chorizo, chicharrón in green sauce, chicken tinga, cochinita pibil, rajas poblanas (to name a few). Nothing like a third of taquitos with rice to love in Mexico.

Where can you find them? Enjoy them at Xula Vista during the meal and at La Cocina del Pueblo.

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Ceviche i aiguachile

The fresh ingredients of Xel-Ha Shrimp Ceviche are the best remedy for those hot days. If you want an equally fresh but spicy dish, try the aguachile. A preparation in lemon juice, mountain chilies, cucumber, coriander and purple onion. You want to take every last drop of that toy, believe me.

Where can you find them? Enjoy them at La Cocina del Pueblo.


A round of applause for Yucatecan food! When it comes to snacks, you can’t go without trying one or two safe ones. It is characterized mainly by its fried and fluffy tortilla, resulting in a crunchy dough, but soft at the same time (eye: not a toast). It is regularly served with pork, but today we have to enjoy them with sausage potatoes and they taste just as delicious.

Where can you find them? Enjoy them at La Cocina del Pueblo.

Beans with pork

Another Yucatecan dish because these are the delicacies of the southeast. We debated a lot about which soup / broth / consommé to include in the list. For its iconicity, the beans with pork won, but you can also enjoy red pozole or lime soup. This dish feels like an apapacho and are the different Mexican spices used in its preparation, which make the flavors stand out even more and give it the homemade touch so characteristic of Mexican cuisine.

Where can you find them? Enjoy them at La Cocina del Pueblo.

Best for last: desserts

Churros and fritters

Happiness is: sucking on your fingers! This is what is posted at the top of Mexico’s streets, shops and fairs. They are fried and sweet thanks to their outer layer of sugar. Serve with a hot pot of coffee to multiply the flavor of the piloncillo.

Where can you find it? Enjoy them at La Cocina del Pueblo.

Flan of the house

By this point in the blog, we all have a lot of clothes, right? I recommend you don’t leave Xel-Ha without trying at least two or three desserts and the flan is quite high on that list. Fluffy, creamy and sweet, this traditional custard dessert is the perfect finish. If you still have room for something extra, I recommend you try the rice with the letter.

Where can you find it? Enjoy them at La Cocina del Pueblo.

Honorable Mention in Xel-Há for food and drink

  • Guacamole: a delight to complement any dish (not spicy)
  • Ice cream: seriously, they love everything!
  • Cannelloni: Xula Vista’s Italian corner shines with dishes such as lasagna, cannelloni and different sauces to make your own pasta
  • Potato burger: universal and completely delicious

Finally, it is worth remembering that as part of hygiene protocols, The buffet is assisted and the food is served by the friendly restaurant staff.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of Xel-Há’s culinary gems. It was short considering the park’s wide range of food, but I’m sure these options will make you fall in love with Mexican food or, better yet, rediscover them.

Since you know a little about food and drink in Xel-Há, Tell us: what Mexican dish would you like to find on the menu?


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