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good news The whole Riviera Maya is back on the green!


After a slightly worrying jump to get back to the green-to-yellow-orange traffic light, we return to green. The latest wave of omicrons has passed through the area. This last wave was expected and, at the same time, would fall again, as would the patterns in Europe and the United States. Mexico often lags behind trends in the United States for Covid-19 waves. The green light means fewer restrictions and hospitalizations are lower.

restrictions covid carmen beach

Both the northern end of the state and the southern end are the same green traffic light.

What are the current restrictions on the Mayan River?

Under the green light, restrictions on tourists have virtually disappeared. It is very important to note that masks are still required inside and on the street. We anticipate that these last mask restrictions will be removed in the coming months, as many sites in the United States and other countries do.

Covid Restrictions

Transportation restrictions for the state of Quintana Roo

As you can see in the chart below, the different colors of the traffic light change the transport restrictions. At the green light all public transport is 100% (like the colors yellow and orange). Green light taxis can now carry 3 people and one driver, so a total of 4 per taxi. Motorcycles are now allowed for 2 people under a green light.

Taxis can be good for getting around Carmen Beach and going to nearby sights. However, we recommend private transportation to and from Cancun Airport due to the set prices and reserved service.

Restrictions Covid caremen beach

How the traffic light system works in Mexico

Mexico has installed a four-stage traffic light system. Each has different restrictions and depending on the case load and the medical services available, the traffic light changes. There is red, which is extreme caution, orange, yellow, and green, which is the lowest level of restriction. The traffic light method is fairly easy to understand and provides guidance for companies to enforce different restrictions.

Every week the governor of Quintana Roo announces on Twitter what the next week’s traffic light will be. There are also announcements for vaccination and reinforcement residents on the governor’s Twitter channel.

How is tourism on the Riviera Maya now?

We are slowly ending the high season, but as everyone knows, tourism flows a lot with news and events. Overall, Mexico has done very well with the tourism figures. Last week there were 357,326 tourists in the state. 270 flights arrived. Of these arrivals, 78 were domestic flights and 192 international flights.

Hotel occupancy is highest in Cancun, then Cozumel and then the Riviera Maya. These numbers, however, do not tell the whole truth. Cancun is more of an all-inclusive hotel with fewer hotels that don’t offer stays (e.g. Airbnb, VRBO, etc.). Playa del Carmen falls into the Riviera Maya category. The occupancy rate of Playa del Carmen / Riviera Maya is 79.9%. As anyone who has been looking for short term rentals will know, prices have gone up and demand has grown a lot for non-hotel rentals.

All these figures point to a decent high season and a good star of the year with fewer restrictions and health in the area.


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