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Experiences and restaurants to celebrate the National Holidays


The Fiestas Patrias are here! The night of September 15 Mexicans will celebrate the Independence Day y if you don’t have a plan yethere you are we propose five experiences to celebrate the National Holidays in Mexico City and its surroundings (in addition to a bonus in the Riviera Maya). Photos: Courtesy.

And when September comes, everything has one special native charm y the country is painted in tricolor for the celebration. Take note of these plans for the big night: parties, rich food, good music and much atmosphere.

Plans to celebrate the National Holidays

Sofitel Mexico City Reforma

We open this guide of experiences and restaurants to celebrate the National Holidays with the variety of food and drinks that will be available at the Sofitel Mexico City Reforma, just a few steps from Angel of Independence and with panoramic views that go from Passeig de la Reforma, to Chapultepec Castle.

You can pass one amazing mexican night in any of them three restaurants Already with the sea the proposal of mariachis and fiesta in Baltawhere will they serve classic dishes of traditional Mexican cuisine: anyways Guerrero style white pozole, passing through one carbon fiber, Soups, hasta ceviche and aguachiles. This Mexican party will take place on September 15 from 7:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. on September 16. Cost: $1,100 per person.

We celebrate the National Holidays

You can also celebrate the National Holidays in the Bajel restaurant, located in the floor 13 of Sofitel Mexico City Reformaone is served 4-course pairing menu: green tuna aguachile, blue shrimp and pickled red pitaya; octopus, green mole with melon seed and chelites; Grilled loin of lamb, wild mushrooms, mole coloradito; Metate chocolate and Chiapas coffee. Cost: $1,850 per person.

Finally, if you prefer to party outdoors, at Cityzen Rooftop, located in the pix 38, there will be DJ and sweet and savory Mexican snacks: ceviches, tacos, gorditas and soups. $950 pesos per person. Where: Av. Paseo de la Reforma 297. reservations: by calling 55 8660 0500 or sending an email to [email protected] sofitel-mexico-city.com

Antonia Bistro

If you prefer to give yourself one city ​​escape, for the celebration of the Patrias Festas in the cradle of independence, check out this experience that will take place in Antonia Bistro, chef Alejandro Cuatepotzo’s first restaurant in San Miguel de Allende.

Here you can savor a delicious menu while you contemplate the view of the Parish of San Miguel Arcángel from this extraordinary terrace. The four course menu consists of:

We celebrate the National Holidays

Guacamole with tasajo, tamal colado with lamb and salsa borracha or chile relleno de kampachi with palmito tiger milk; verde pozole de maíz and Guerrero-style rain mushrooms, cottage cheese flutes, chalupas, pork chicharron, cheese and avocado; Baked lamb, grilled leche chicken and garnishes. For dessert, a cheese tart with mango.

To celebrate the National Holidays with desserts there will also be typical Mexican sweets and live DJ music and the mariachi which will play on Antonia’s terrace. The menu is available on September 15 from 7:30 pm to 2:00 am with a cost of $950 per person. Where: San Francisco 57, Zona Centro, 37700 San Miguel de Allende. reservation: by calling 415 152 7295. antoniabistro.com

Rosewood San Miguel de Allende

Another very good choice of experience to celebrate the National Holidays in Guanajuato donkey renowned Rosewood San Miguel de Allende hotel.

Read here patriotic celebrations will pay tribute to Mexico; from his delicious gastronomy, until the joy of their music, their folklore and genuine warmth of his people Estonian September 15, guests and locals can enjoy one mexican party which will have as a stage the extensive Rosewood garden surrounded by vegetation and unique views of the city center.

To celebrate the National Holidays, the place will be set up like one traditional kermés and with a wide variety of dishes from Mexico: pozole, omelette soup, tacos al pastor, stewed soups and quesadillas, tortas ahogadas, jalisciences enchiladas, Golden tacos, tamales and skits, as well as desserts, fresh water and an open bar.

By September 16, the area of the pool will be the guests’ favorite placewell there will be one mexican grill with different stations of grilling including cuts of meat and vegetables in addition to salads and a bar beers to cool off. Where: Nemesio Diez 11, Zona Centro, 37700 San Miguel de Allende. reservations: call 415 152 9700. rosewoodhotels.com

Grito and concert in Jalisco

Festa Patrias Jalisco

Another option to celebrate the Festes Patrias and shout ¡viva México!, is the great celebration that will take place in the State of Jalisco. From September 13 to 16 there will be musical and cultural activities which include events like parades and concerts.

The Jew September 15as part of the ceremony of Cry of Independence, the activities will start promptly from 18:00 to Arms Square where will Mariachi music, folkloric ballet and a fireworks display. Later, the singer Pepe Aguilar will be in charge of decorating the most Mexican night with a concert a la Liberation Square, Guadalajara.

The other day, the September 16 at 10 a.m. you can Witness the Military Parade Commemorating the Independence of Mexico on Avenida Chapultepec (From Niños Heroes to Avenida México). Where: Guadalajara, Jalisco. Cost: free visitjalisco.com.mx

Andaz Mayakoba

Andaz Mayakoba

Finally, if you will go for the Mayan Riviera (Or you still have time to plan your trip to this spectacular destination), check out this option to celebrate the National Holidays. The resort Andaz Mayakoba will host an emblematic Mexican kermés: initiation with Trompo al pastor tacos, a special Oaxacan food station where do you read classic tlayudas of jerky, chicken and vegetables the frescoes will be the protagonists, in addition to appetizers and quesadillas.

There will also be elotes and skites accompanied by mayonnaise, queso fresco, piquín chili and lemon, tostadas and pozole. To close with a gold brooch They will serve desserts such as bunuelos, paletas, meringues, gaznates, churros and marquesitas. Where: Carretera Federal, Carr. Cancun – Tulum Km 298. reservation: 984 149 1234. mayakoba.com

In addition to these experiences and restaurants to celebrate the National Holidays, don’t forget liven up the event from home with these 6 Mexican cocktails. Super practical and easy to make!


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