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Bravest Race in Xplor is back


The biggest obstacle race in the jungle is preparing a triumphant return in its Nomad edition

Dust off your sneakers to run in 3, 2, 1… It’s been 36 months since we last saw each other Brave cure to Playa del Carmen Do we miss you? Of course! Were we looking forward to his return? Twice yes!

As our prayers became present, as a few days ago through their social networks, we began to give clues to approach the next edition of this race full of challenges and fun.

The return of a great

After this first call for attention, so without further ado, we will drop the date and registration for the next race. And then we all go crazy! We ran to visa our friends to sign up for our favorite schedule because the mushrooms were flying.

We take a short break for those we don’t know in the Bravest Race

The Xplor Bravest Race was born in 2013 with the aim of offering all sports enthusiasts a unique race with natural obstacles and fun challenges in the mud, lanes and ramps. The place couldn’t be better, inside the caves, jungles and cenotes at Xplor Park on the Riviera Maya.

Every year the Bravest Runners I increased to become a race for the whole family, as you can run at your own pace or even jump some obstacles with “chicken pass”, here no one is judged.

Here you can read a bit of the history of the Bravest Race in Xplor

Bravest Race Nomada 2022

As many already know and if not here I explain to them. Each edition is unique, as many obstacles change as well as the theme of the environment. This year the concept is a Nomad and the quote is e September 18th.

So, as a good nomad, explorer and brave runner, you will have to adapt to each of the scenarios you will find along 5.5 kilometers. Form the tribe that will accompany you to cross the caves, jump from a cliff or sink in the mud … the goal: to conquer more than 40 obstacles and get our Bravest Runner medal.

When is the appointment and how did I write it?

It is located near September 18 in the Xplor Park in Playa del Carmen. To register all you have to do is go to or call 998-883-3143 where our customer service will assist you.

Here we share the details we need to know about the Nomadic Bravest Race:


• Junior – $ 839MXN (30% discount)

• July – $ 959MXN (20% discount)

• August – 1,079 MXN (10% discount)

• September – $ 1,199 MXN (no discount, subject to availability)

Bravest Race Nomad also has a VIP registration mode, which includes a powerful breakfast, a surprise gift (what will it be !?) and your race photo package (there will be up to 12 long photo locations of the race.


• Junior – 1,259 MXN (30% discount)

• July – $ 1,439 MXN (20% discount)

• August – $ 1,619 MXN (10% discount)

• September – $ 1,799 MXN (no discount, subject to availability)

Runners will come out in waves every 30 minutes. It starts from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. By the time you read this blog we can tell you that there are some waves that have no place. So we recommend writing in advance, in addition to taking advantage of the discounts!

The minimum age to participate is 16 and minors must be accompanied by an adult. All registrations include helmet, schedule, player for the race and medal at the end.

You must compare the photo packages separately:

– Pre-sale $ 349 MXN
– Race Day $ 399 MXN

What else are you going to have?

We knew they were going to want to know more. That’s why this year the Xplor team has no Beast Feast ready. Before and after the run you can live with your friends and family, visit the sponsors’ stands, food stalls, bring your souvenir of the Nomadic Bravest Race and music.

And for the little ones we tend to the classic and very fun Mini Bravest. Here no one is left without running.

Before the end of the day, one of our tips for the future and after the Bravest Race:

  • If you still don’t have your tickets, hurry up! If the time you selected is not available, there are still some spaces VIP registration.
  • Remember your registration and identification on race day.
  • Pack a backpack with a change of dry clothes, sneakers or sandals for once you finish running. Don’t worry we’ll have it wardrobe for your things.
  • Take iron time to arrive. Please note that parking will be in Xcaret or Xenses. In addition to the time at the box office to recognize your runner kit and warm-up time.
  • It’s worth coming in disguise, here we are fans of those who run in style.
  • Bring some comfortable sneakers and with a good grip. Keep in mind that they are going to move completely and will be made of mud.
  • Enjoy the race and bring your own pace. The schist is full of all obstacles!
  • We will have a watering area so you can leave a little mud and change.
  • load money cash or card in case you want to buy food or some item from the Bravest (in stores they always show off with epic race souvenirs).

Now if you’re ready for your next retouch in the Nomadic Bravest Race! Hurry up to a registrant, alone, as a couple, with friends, etc …

Tell us, will it be your first Bravest Race? What do you expect from this edition?


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