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5 dates you should know about Mexican chocolate


Learn how chocolate survived to this day

Xcolatl, the drink of the Aztec warriors and gods

Did you know that chocolate is an exclusive drink of the gods? In his time, many cultures they considered that this drink was only worthy of the nobility, between whom were the Aztec warriors. In addition, it was a source of energy, its properties were able to give them greater performance for a full day.

It was called xcolatl, a word of Nahuatl origin meaning “sparkling water”.

But … How is the xcolatl did it transcend to the present day? I invite you to know a little more about the Mexican chocolate.


Cocoa cobs

Cocoa is the main ingredient for making Mexican chocolate and is one of the origin of the fruit and one of the fruits is that it has dark green elongated leaves.

Cocoa tree with some of its characteristics

From this tree grow clusters of small flowers ranging from pale yellow to pink, where the pods or cobs of cocoa germinate from which this particular seed is extracted. Throughout history it has been extremely important, being also a source of food and one of the most appreciated resources by the cultures of the pre-Hispanic era.

dried cocoa


Legend has it that one day Quetzalcoatl descended from where he was with the other gods and made three beautiful gifts to the Toltecs. He gave them corn, beans, and cassava.

The Toltecs are characterized by being good sculptors, architects and even artisan workers. Because of their dedication and effort, Quetzalcoatl loved them so much, so he decided to give them one last gift that the gods had stolen from his brothers. This gift was a plant, which he sowed in the fields of Tula, asking Tlaloc to water it and Xochiquetzal to fertilize it. With this care, it could bear fruit (cocoa), which will take advantage of the Toltecs toasting, grinding and beating their seeds. That’s how they got the drink named xcolatl.

Only gods, priests and nobles could drink it, but over time the whole people were able to enjoy this drink, making the Toltecs wise, rich, artists and builders, which caused the envy and joy of the gods. In addition, they considered that the xcolatl was unique and exclusive for them, reason why they decided to deceive Quetzalcóatl intoxicating it with tlachihuitl (pulque) with the promise to forget its pains and problems. He got so drunk that Quetzalcoatl felt so sorry and ashamed that they were not acts worthy of a god, that he decided to leave forever, not without taking the last cocoa beans because they were already starting to leave. He threw them to Neonalco (Tabasco) and that’s how they survived to this day, making this drink come to our times.

Quetzalcoatl, cocoa blossom and chocolate juice to an open cob


Before knowing chocolate, the natives used cocoa as a currency, so those who had much of this resource in their power were considered rich or nobility.

cocoa bean - origin of mexican chocolate

It is also known that chocolate has been discovered by mistake and has passed from one culture to another from the Maya, the Toltecs and the Olmecs to the Aztecs, who were the ones who went to meet the conquerors this peculiar drink, also causing for its benefits.

Aztec Xcolatl Ingredients - Mexican Chocolate


At the time of the conquest, Columbus was the first to try chocolate. However, it was Hernán Cortés who took her to Europe after Moctezuma, one of the great Aztec leaders of the time, gave her a chance to try xcolatl.

The conqueror presented the drink to Charles V, announcing the benefits to his troops and over time it has changed in both uses and presentations, becoming delicious. chocolate we know today.

cocoa paste

Learn about the Mexican hot chocolate recipe and how to enjoy it in Mexico.


There are currently miles of chocolate presentations around the world. We have seen it from sweet or bitter, to black or white, liquid or solid and included with liqueur. This makes us think, how come it has gone from being such a coveted and exclusive drink for the gods, to a food that we can all enjoy? Well, today it is well known that together with the people we love the most, a cup of hot chocolate will restart your life, as you will enjoy these kissing moments for its exquisite and unique Mexican flavor.

chocolate workshop

You are a lover of Mexican chocolate and you want to know more about it you must visit the Chocolate and Coffee Workshop in Xcaret Park to try the Mexican artisanal chocolate made with their own hands accompanied by a great team and experts who will take you to the its origins in lands. Mexicans, talking about the great treasure that characterizes the country, its history, its tradition, its people and its culture.

What else would you like to know about delicious Mexican chocolate?


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