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3 experiences of a true tourist community in Quintana Roo


The Mexican Caribbean offers turquoise sea, white sand and tropical heat. In many cases, in the company of fortuitous development. In addition, with initiatives to implement tourism in the community of Quintana Roo. From Holbox to Bacalar, these projects prove that mega hotels or revelations are not needed luminati to make this state a paradise. Photos: Marc Gutt.

Punta Mosquito: entertainment on one of Holbox’s beaches

Holbox it a sandbank located on the northern coastal strip of Quintana Roo. Famous for it rustic streets, car-free until two and a half minutes agothe island boasts a wealth of biodiversity, perfect for those looking for community tourism in Quintana Roo. Bioluminescent beaches and massive concentrations of whale sharks they are the flagship postcards of Holbox’s natural wealth. Of course, they are not the only ones.

Holbox sandbank, in its entirety, is located in a protected natural area intended for the conservation of flora and fauna. Baptized with the Mayan name of Yum Balamthis area houses more than 420 species of birds and more than 70 species of amphibians and reptiles. Alone in Holbox, convinced over 260 poultry itemsmore than half of those registered in Yum Balam.

Birds in Yum Balam

Mosquito Pointin the extreme north of the island, es one of the most coveted corners in Holbox. Access, however, is restricted. Dozens of bird species nest on this beach. Some of them, like chorlo chiflador and the ruddy sandpiper, endangered. Instead of jumping the rope and going off the list, it is advisable to take advantage of the knowledge of local birders and take and journey of community tourism to see the most emblematic inhabitants.

Caminos Sagrados: tourist community of Quintana Roo

From Cancun to Bacalar, passing through Tulum, there are plenty of tourist attractions that they swear connoisseurs and guardians of Mayan traditions. As if it is a alienable good and not of a living culturethe industry it moves to local communities to later use their history and cosmovision as a tourist product.

To get closer to the Mayan culture of Quintana Roo, there is no shortage of nightly shows of ball games. Different populations in the Municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puertoshared between Tulum and Bacalar, developed by hand Tourist community models in Quintana Roo governed by principles of conservation and self-management.

Tourist community of Quintana Roo

Integrated by eight projects, the network Sacred Ways boast sustainable cabins, cultural tours and adventure activities. In the town of Sir, Xyaat offers workshops to learn ancestral henequén work techniques. In chunhuhub, the ecotourism center Kíichpam K’áax Share knowledge about medicinal plants and gum extraction. Yen Tihosuco, to mention just a few, u beliek offers historical tours focused on the Caste War and its memory.

Stromatolites: conservation in the Bacalar lagoon

For many years, the municipality of High school and its lagoon were one of Quintana Roo’s best kept secrets. Today, the also called “Lagoon of the seven colors» it’s an open secret. Located 40 kilometers north of the Chetumal airport, this body of water connected to the Caribbean offers much more than just one of the most alluring postcards for those looking for community tourism in Quintana Roo.

With its interconnected network of cenotes and canals, the lagoon of Bacalar is a unique, enigmatic and fragile ecosystem. The fresh and crystalline water of the lagoon is not exactly the richest in nutrients; consequently, there is no abundance of shellfish or molluscs either. said the above, in the waters of Bacalar, endemic species of zooplankton to conch hawks coexist.

While pink spoonbills steal the spotlight when it comes to boasting wildlife in Bacalar, it’s less photogenic organisms that make the talk. Looks like a rock, wow stromatolites are made up of cyanobacteria able to transform carbon dioxide into oxygen. And yes, these mineral structures may not be the biggest visual attraction of Bacalar, but they are vital for the environment.

High school

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