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10 reasons to return to Cancun in 2022


In addition to its beaches, parties and natural landscapes

Mexico’s favorite travel destination has many new features

You think of Cancun and the first thing that comes to mind is a beach with various shades of blue, white sand and a palm tree. And yes, you’re right, but that’s not all. This Mexican travel destination has so much more to offer its tourists. Now, in 2022, it is more renewed than ever. It doesn’t matter if you’ve traveled to Cancun or not, there are always good reasons to return. Here we share at least 10.

Let’s start with the hosting options. From 2018, the Xcaret Mexico Hotel was inaugurated, which was a great novelty in the destination and which offered the All-Fun Inclusive for the first time. With this service, in addition to being an all-inclusive hotel like most in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, it also includes entrance to the parks and tours of Grupo Xcaret… but now there are more options to explore.

1.- Xcaret Arte Hotel

The first reason to return to Cancun in 2022 is Hotel Xcaret Arte, the second hotel in the Xcaret Group to open in June 2021. This hotel is for adults only. In addition, it also has All-Fun Inclusive. You have a concept 100% inspired by Mexican art unique throughout the Riviera Maya.

2.- The Beach House

A new boutique hotel in Riviera Maya was opened in December 2021 that is designed to make you feel at home. This luxury accommodation option features 300 meters of white sand, 63 beachfront suites, and a gastronomic ensemble of world-renowned chefs. In addition to the All-Fun Inclusive also offered by the Hotel Xcaret Mexico and the Hotel Xcaret Arte, La Casa de la Playa offers you innovative and inspiring experiences tailored to your tastes and needs in the parks and excursions of the Xcaret Group.

Now we have about them New destinations to explore with the help of the Xcaret Group.

3.- Trips to Isla Mujeres with Xcaret Xailing

Isla Mujeres is one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the Mexican Caribbean, definitely a place you can not miss on your travel itinerary on a vacation on the Riviera Maya. The best way to do this is to cross on a ferry from Cancun and now you can also do with the quality that characterizes the Xcaret Group. From December 2021, Xcaret Xailing began operating, two large ferries called “Xcaret” and “Xel-Há” that leave from the Pier to the Hotel Zone of Cancun.

10 reasons to return to Cancun in 2022 - xcaret xailing

4.- Tour with a visit to the Tsukán Cenote in Yucatan

In the Yucatan Peninsula there are more than a thousand cenotes to explore, each with a unique charm. It doesn’t matter if you have already visited one in Xenotes or in other tours, they are all different experiences due to the great variety that exists in this natural paradise that we have in Mexico. Now with Xcaret Expeditions you can also visit the Tsukan Cenote, located in Yucatan. This cenote, also known as the “Sanctuary of Life” offers narrative, cultural and gastronomic experiences inspired by the Mayan worldview. Don’t miss the Xichen Deluxe Tour.

More information: Tips to make the most of your time at the Tsukan Cenote

5.- Coming soon: visit to the “Xibalbá” Nature Reserve in Yucatán

If you are planning a holiday in Cancun for the second half of 2022, you have a space in your travel itinerary for Xibalbá. This experience is an exclusive nature reserve of Grupo Xcaret in Yucatán that will have iconic scenarios and activities that will accompany you to explore something previously seen in the underground world.

Stay tuned to our official social media for more news on its opening.

10 reasons to return to Cancun in 2022 - xibalba xcaret

Now, we continue with the Xcaret parks, the favorites of the whole family, but what’s new with them?

6.- Xavage: the funniest adventure park in Cancun, it has reopened!

After the pandemic, in which all the parks and tourist attractions of Cancun had to close their doors indefinitely, and finally opened the doors again the favorite park of many. In December 2021 Xavage returned renewed with all the hygiene and prevention measures of the 360 ​​° Security model ready to receive the most adventurous tourists again.

Read more about how to live this experience in the new normal here: Xavage started visiting it

10 reasons to return to Cancun in 2022

7.- New activity in Xcaret for lovers of Mexican wine

Few know that, in Xcaret, in addition to having underground rivers, the best night show about Mexican culture and natural attractions such as the butterfly, aquarium, etc., we also have a Cava de Vino Mexicano. Previously, this place, which is located inside the main square of the park, only had experiences available for groups … but that has already changed. Now all visitors can purchase as an optional activity (at extra cost), a Mexican Wine Pairing Tasting led by a sommelier.

Read more here: Activities you don’t know you can do in Xcaret

8.- A new way to explore the cove of Xel-Há: Power Xnorkel

Snorkeling in Xel-Há is one of the favorite activities of all tourists traveling to Cancun for the natural wonders of this cove in Tulum. No matter how many times you visit Xel-Ha, you will always love it, but if you want to try something new, you have to do Power Xnorkel. This optional activity (with extra cost) is a very innovative and fun way to explore the cove, at full speed! You will have control of a small three-speed jet with which you can recover both the surface and the depths of the water.

More information: Testing Power Xnorkel for the first time in Xel-Há

9.- Do you think you already know Xplor? You need to do the Underground Expedition.

At Xplor we are always looking for new ways to explore and experience adventure and this Underground Expedition is the latest. In addition to the favorite Tyrolean circuit of the Riviera Maya, the underground rivers and routes aboard amphibious vehicles, now in Xplor there is also an activity that brings together the best scenery in a route of 740 meters. Here you can choose between two paths, a contemplative and quiet or a more adventurous with land and water activities.

More information: 10 reasons to do the Xplor Underground Expedition

10.- In 2022 the Sacred Mayan Crossing returns to Xcaret

Finally, in this list of reasons to return to Cancun in 2022, one piece of news that excites us a lot is that, after a break due to a pandemic, the Travesía Sagrada Maya that has been taking place in Xcaret since May more than 10 years, he will finally return. The event is a cross made by canoeists remaining from Xcaret to Cozumel and back, with the intention of making offerings to the goddess Ixchel, as had been done in this area since pre-Hispanic times in Mayan culture. .

While this activity is carried out by the local community of Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Cozumel, it is also an attraction that visitors to Xcaret can see and is unique in its kind.

Stay tuned to our official social media for more news.

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