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What is a travel job and how to start making one


Learn how to make a travel diary

A fact that traveling can change our lives 100%. You are exposed to new cultures, magnificent places and unique experiences that you will want to treasure for the rest of your life. However, it has happened that you want to remember every last detail, but many times the memory betrays us. The question here is, what can we do to prevent this? The answer is simple: start your own travel notebook, this item is perfect for illustrate and write down all the memories of the incredible journeys you live and lived soon.

What is a travel notebook?

A travel notebook It is a diary where the anecdotes and learnings of all your travels are reflected; whether with friends, alone or with family you will want to remember every moment of them. It helps you reflect on the person you were and who you are now, allows you to go back to the past and relive the incredible adventures you experienced.

What do I need to get started?

What you need to start your owntravel notebook she:

Daily notebook

First, one is needednotebookeasy to transport, as you will take it to all your adventures, in addition it will have to have the sufficient pages so that the whole event is reduced during the trip.


HecellularThere is a great alternative to a camera because it is light, small and easy to carry, plus you can print the photos at home. However, if you want to read photos quickly, a good option is carried out oneinstant cameraof stylepolaroid.


to readcalcamoniesthey are a fun and easy resource to decoratetravel notebook, more if they are related to your trip.

Something to write with

The most essential thing was taken care of to write down your experiences: pens. Really any style can work, there are a variety of pens you can use on your owntravel notebook. You can even use bookmarks for titles!


The amazing thing about this onetravel notebookis that you can customize it to your liking with all the extra travel of the trip as plane mushrooms, museums, unique candy wrappers of the place, flowers that are found, maps of your betrayal, a memory can be what sea! You can save the world in your notebook, just remember to bring glue or tape so it doesn’t leak.

A destiny

Most important of all, I have a destiny in my sights. Mexico has a high number of places that will leave you speechless, places you would never have imagined in the country. Just to give you an idea, take a look at our article on20 fantastic natural scenery in MexicoOMonuments in Mexico that you must know and where they are rare. Still, the world is waiting for the adventure, you just need one.

You can add what you want in youtravel notebookbecause this is a space where you can exploit your creativity and get carried away. These materials are just a few options you can use because there are a myriad of them you can use like watercolors, canvases, post-its, book pages, lists, itineraries, the only limit is your imagination!

What can my travel package contain?


It is important to stay prepared during the trip, as you may lose too many experiences if the prior arrangement is not made. So you can use ittravel notebookas a planner, whether for archeological tours, emblematic monuments, restaurants, parks, basically all the activities that will take place during your stay and so you will enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Time capsule

Describe the places you visit, the cultures you discover, the people you know or any new experiences I have lived in a different place than you normally are, it is important for them to re-record in the future.the reason that motivated you to make this journey.Hetravel notebookstore all these memories so that you can live again from the future.


Examining the living experiences in your travels helps for personal development and translate it into yourstravel notebookit is very useful for the notebook to become a tool that you can use throughout your life as you can improve upcoming trips, see how you have grown as a person, how your environment has developed and magnify your traveling spirit.

There comes a time in our lives, when you are cleaning the room or looking for something in our house, that you immediately find this mushroom from the museum where you are strong in Mexico City with your family or this ticket when is eating enquilades mining Miguel de Allende with your partner and even that necklace you bought in the port of Veracruz on a trip with your friends.

All these kinds of tangible memories do not allow us to live a happy time again. Tenerife istravel notebookis a magical portal to the past where you can experience feelings of happiness and awaken this emotion within us again

Start your own travel diary for your next adventure!


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