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Vinícola El Cielo celebrates its 8th anniversary and its union with the President Group


The winery El Cielo celebrated its 8th anniversary with an elegant evening, glasses full of wine, champagne, delicious dishes and the beautiful landscapes of the Guadalupe Valley. In addition, it is celebrated the union with President Group and the launch of Hypatia, the first sparkling wine of this luxury wine house. Know the details. Text: Fernando Martínez / Photos: Courtesy.

Terrace Equinox

Last September 23rd The celebration was held for the 8th anniversary of the winery The sky in the Guadalupe Valley, which is Realized in the new equinox of Terrace, A private space that premiered during the reinforcement. Here the guests enjoyed the evening with cocktails and guided pairing dinners by sommelier Gina Estrada.

He joined this celebration José Luis Martínez, Dolores López Lira and Gustavo Ortega Joaquín, founding partners of El Cielo, vaja President Group executives, how Braulio Arsuaga Losada, director general and president of CNET, Julien Debarle, director of operations, y Guillermo Yasutake, new business director.

El Cielo Winery

Union in Heaven

Eight years ago, The great dream of Heaven materialized in the Guadalupe Valley, yfue three years ago when this wine house opened its boutique hotel El Cielo Winery & Resort, a shelter with elegant suites designed to provide the greatest comfort to travelers and from which you can admire the beautiful views of the mountain.

This project was consolidated in the past September 1, when he opened the doors to the President Group, a Mexican operator of luxury hotels and restaurants that represents InterContinental Hotels Group, the largest hotel chain in the world.

El Cielo Winery

Attract Plus tourists and enrich the visitor experience who stay at any of the 85 luxury rooms or presidential villas with which this hotel has, are the premise of this alliance.

“This alliance is very important and with it we endorse our commitment to guests so that it leads to the best experience around wine, gastronomy and accommodation”Commented Gustavo Ortega Joaquin, Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager of El Cielo winery.

Young wine line

During the event, the new line of young wines of Heaven: Pleiades, an aromatic Blanc de Blancs y quasar A fresh and bound aromatic Red Blend that paired perfectly with the canapés made by the chef Rosa María Ortega Cardin, a special guest who shared stoves with the chefs of the Hotel Presidente InterContinental Polanco, how José Luis Sánchez Ronquillo of La Palma, Frederic Lobjois of At the Foot of Pig, Mauro Chiecchio of Alfredo di Roma, A hard tackle from Sergio Alberto Peña to Ramírez of Chapulín. In addition, from Alejandro Daboub executive chef of Banhu Sky Kitchen by Kimpton Tulum.

In the performance, he highlighted the work of the plastic artist Alejandro Arango who intervened in a barrel during this unforgettable evening.


“Hypatia” is a wine inspired by the stars

The star that illuminated this celebration in El Cielo, for the first sparkling wine made in this winery, which reflects the character and personality of the winery. This is a wine eworked with a mixture of a few whites, in which white chenin grapes predominate.

“It’s a wine with one marked freshness and a nose where they are assembled Citrus, floral and notes of bolería derived from their long stay in contact with their lees; it is an extraordinary wine ”, commented the sommelier Georgina Estrada.


Encourage yourself to try the new wines that are prepared in El Cielo and while that happens we invite you to follow us on social media @FoodandTravelMx and learn more about amazing destinations, flavors, and news.


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