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Underworld takes you on a journey through the Mexican worldview


This year the cempasúchil flower which invades Mexico City, He will guide the living to the gates of the Mictlán to begin their journey through the underworld through video cartography, virtual reality viewers and surround sound. It is about Underworld immersive experience performed by The experience, which will be part of the festivities for the Day of the Dead, from October 22 to November 7, carrying a lot live to explore the nine levels of the underworld mexica. Photos: Courtesy / Héctor Daniel Pérez Aguilera.

What to expect on the tour?

The journey through the Underworld, which will take place within a geodesic dome located in the explained by the mayor Benito Juarez, aims to recreate the journey through the Mictlán through different audiovisual techniques that will take the user to an internal experience that he will enjoy with his five senses.

Underworld will take travelers to tour, feel and breathe its nine levels, according to the Mexican worldview, making use of the video cartography, surround sound and virtual reality viewers. The long journey it will last approximately 45 minutes in this 100% unique experience.


The levels of the underworld

Your journey through the Underworld will begin in the Itzcuintlan or “Place of the dogs”, where a xoloescuincle will help you cross the mighty river. After, At the next level you will know the legend of the Tepectli Monamictla the “Place where the mountains come together”.

At the other level we should cross they will be the sharp flints in Iztepetl y later they will pass to Itzehecayan “The place of the winds of obsididiana”, one of the most complicated tests of the journey.

Subsequently, to get to Paniecatacoyan “Place where the dead fly” and from where you will arrive flying to next level Timiminaloayan “A place where people are shot.”

After Teocoyohuehualoyan is waiting for you on vaja jaguars will eat your heart, but it is necessary to be able reach the next level Izmictlan Apochcalolca “Lagoon of humorous waters”, and on a river of sewage will strip you of your human remains.

He will finally arrive in Chicunamictlan the site of “Las nueve aguas”, where the lord of the underworld “Mictlantecuhtli” and the goddess of the Earth “Mictecacihuatl” they are waiting for you to forget earthly suffering.


Costs and schedules

Where. The Gran Domo Inframundo is located on the Esplanade of the Mayor’s Office Benito Juarez, in Mexico City, the main entrance and the box office are located on Av. Free Municipality. Timetable: Functions will be Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Friday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Cost: Tickets will be available at your official page and will cost $ 295.00

Enjoy this inner experience that cannot be missed and remember thatthe use of the mouthpiece will be mandatory at all times.

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