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Tips for triathletes by Crisanto Grajales


Experience preparation and advice from an Olympic triathlete

For the most beautiful triathlon in Mexico

He approaches the Xel-Ha triathlona great challenge for triathletes, regardless of whether they participate in the modality Olympic Triathlon on November 19, or in the Sprint, Children and Solo Novice categories on November 20.

We know how important it is to prepare well for an event like these, so we talk to Crisanto GrajalesMexican Olympic triathlete with over 15 years of experience to share his best tips.

Before starting, if you want to know more about this event you should read this post: Did you know that a Green Triathlon is held in Xel-Há?, here we explain? where is Xel-Háwhat categories it has, the dates, as surgery and why it is known as Green Triathlon.

Now yes, let’s go to the advice that Crisanto Grajales shared with us:

First of all, you should keep in mind that the Xel-Ha Triathlon is a very calm, noble and guided event. On the one hand, the natural landscapes foster a very friendly atmosphere for the family and the newcomers, but they also represent an interesting twist for the more experienced.

For these types of natural scenarios, the ideal is to carry out the following triathlon equipment:

Cycling: This tour takes place in the jungle, so it is essential to bring lenses, a helmet, tennis shoes and amphoras to constantly hydrate.

Career: Due to the characteristics of the terrain and to have greater stability, it is advisable to use tennis shoes from heel to toe.

Swimming: You are going to swim in a huge natural cove that connects to the sea, for this it is ideal to wear a cap, goggles and trisuit. Starting very early in this sport, suggest avoiding the use of biodegradable sunscreen for cycling competition and thus avoid contamination.

Did you know that the nation is Crisanto Grajales’ favorite discipline? (but alone in Triathlon Xel-Há)

Despite the fact that his forte is the race in terms of results, the triathlete from Veracruz told us that although he really enjoys doing all three disciplines in the Xel-Há Triathlon, the nation is his favorite. The clarity of the water in the cove never ceases to amaze, which allows you to appreciate the fantastic underwater scenes and biodiversity of this Natural Wonder.

What do you want before doing a triathlon? Crisanto, share these sports nutrition tips with us.

You are a professional athlete or a fitness enthusiast, segment you already know that nutrition is key to having a better performance. These four tips that Crisanto shared with us will help you improve your results and enjoy this event better.

  1. A few days before the competition, Increase the amount of carbohydrates in every meal; it will be the fuel to have greater profitability in the triathlon.
  1. A vital aspect improve hydration to counteract fluid loss during competition. Advice: Place electrolytes in their amphorae.
  1. During the triathlon, they remember consume gummies and sports gels which work to supply themselves with energy and reach the finish line at a good pace.
  1. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to eat and drink in the different restaurants of Xel-Há. I usually eat a good plate of fruit, protein (meat or chicken) and a salad to recover.

Remember that Xel-Ha is an all-inclusive park and has buffet restaurants with delicious breakfasts and meals for the whole family. In them you can find options for Mexican food, international dishes, vegetarian food, vegan food and much more.

See all restaurants here: Restaurants and cash included in Xel-Há

And finally, the last piece of advice is to enjoy the fun and nature of the Mexican Caribbean!

After giving your all to the competition, it’s time to take advantage of all that this beautiful destination has to offer. For many triathletes, the Xel-Há Triathlon is the “closing of the season” so to speak, so a vacation or time off is more than good.

You decide to stay in Xel-Ha after the Triathlon, these are the three things Crisanto recommends doing:

1.- Sleep with a relaxed nap in the hammocks under the shade of the palm trees.

2.- Return to remember the cove, but now calmly to be able to see all the underwater wonders while snorkeling.

3.- Experimental adventure activities such as Sea Trek or Power Xnorkel.

What else would you like to know to prepare for a Xel-Há Triathlon? Leave a comment.


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