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This is how the 2022 Festival of Traditions of Life and Death will be


Mark the days in your calendar 30 and 31 October and 1 and 2 Novemberwell it will be on those dates when the Festival of Traditions of Life and Death of Xcaret 2022 will take place. Find out what awaits you at this unique festival. Photos: Courtesy.

To do about the Festival of Life and Death Traditions of Xcaret 2022

Festival Traditions of Life and Death 2022

If the traditions of Dia de Muertos already are Colours y cheerful, imagine the amazing things that can come back when they are represented by Grupo Xcaret, specialists in general entertainment and hospitality experiences in the Riviera Maya. Luckily, you don’t have to imagine too much, because this year it’s being celebrated at the Xcaret 2022 Festival of Life and Death Traditions, inspired – precisely – by how we remember our loved ones in Mexico.

This year, the festival celebrates its own edition number 16will take place in the Xcaret park and will have como been invited a Tlaxcala So, during the four days of the event, you will see how the ancestral customs of this entity in central Mexico coexist with Mayan traditions. In the words of Leticia Aguerrebere, director of the Festival of Traditions of Life and Death of Xcaret 2022, this year there will be a real “Encuentro entre cultures pues, although Day of the Dead is the same celebration, it is celebrated differently, different things are eaten and different things are produced in each state.“.

Artistic expressions everywhere

Festival Traditions of Life and Death 2022

For this Festival of Traditions of Life and Death 2022, see the participation of more than 43 different artistic groups, between puppeteers, actors and music groups. You will be able to enjoy more than 430 artist performances, performed by nearly 540 artists. Representing Tlaxcala, there will be shows of regional dance and community theater, while on the part of Quintana Roo, xarangues and marimbas. As if that wasn’t enough, this year there will be the presence of the Santanera neighborhoodmusical tour composed by La Maldita Vecindad and Los Hijos del Quinto Patio and La Sonora Santanera.

They deserve special mention monumental altar that the artisans of Tlaxcala of an installation in the park of Xcaret. They must also deserve your attention crafts made with totomoxtle (maize leaf) that they are going to present, because Tlaxcala boasts one great diversity of criollo corns.

And since we are talking about this cereal, the basis of Mexico’s diet, it should be noted that the Xcaret 2022 Festival of Life and Death Traditions will also have a gastronomic section In it, the Tlaxcaltecan cooks will create corn-based dishes, as well as presenting their traditional basket tacos. For dessert? You can choose from the many typical sweets that are made in Tlaxcala, such as colored meringues, gaznates, muéganos and delicacies made with honey butter. Meanwhile, from the Mayan area tasted platillos cocinas en pizza oven, how pibipollos, xpelon tamales y cachacuás

With tickets included

Catrina in Xcaret

If you stay in one of the Xcaret Hotels (Xcaret México and Xcaret Arte), you will have an extension of the festival inside their facilities.. For example, at the Hotel Xcaret Arte they will set up sawdust wallpapers from Huamantla and an altaras well as one gastronomic show with traditional cooks from Tlaxcala and Quintana Roo. By the way, if you are staying in any of the two hotels, you have your ticket included in the Xcaret y parkby extension, also at the Festival of Life and Death Traditions of Xcaret 2022.

To find out about the program of activities in the background and buy your tickets, you can enter official website of the festival.

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