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Things you need to know when you fly to Cancun Airport


Here’s some basic information about Cancun, the Riviera Maya, and the Yucatan Peninsula. Since flying into Cancun International Airport is the easiest way to get to these destinations, we want you to have the most relevant information in the palm of your hand. Get general information about the airport and things to consider even before you plan your trip.

You are visiting the busiest airport in the world

In case you didn’t know, Mexico’s borders were never closed during the Covid-19 outbreak. Although the number of travelers decreased, the airport continued to operate. Compared to 2019, the number of passengers at Cancun Airport has increased and even exceeded this amount. Cancun Airport is fully compliant with Covid-19 safety regulations and is happy to receive new passengers every day.

The 10th busiest airport in the world, Cancun International Airport (CUN) is also where you should fly when traveling to the Riviera Maya. We recommend keeping all your passports and important papers in a plastic bag at your hotel.

Your transportation option in Cancun

Another great tip is that you will need to book transportation to your hotel or location in advance, which as a travel service we highly recommend. It’s easy to overlook your transportation in the rush of travel and vacation preparation. This is a reminder for you to consider using our transportation services in Cancun as a comfortable and safe means of transportation when you arrive at Cancun International Airport (CUN).

By booking private transport, you can avoid falling victim to scams and having someone waiting for you when you arrive. In addition, there will be space for bags and even the option of using luxury services.

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Cancun no longer requires the use of a mask

Cancun and the state of Quintana Roo, among others, have ended the mandatory use of masks both inside and outside buildings starting this spring. With some exceptions, in accordance with the rules and guidelines of each establishment. Of couse, Masks are still mandatory at all times at Cancun Airport. Even so, we recommend wearing a mask at all times, just in case. Although it is not always necessary to wear a mask when visiting Cancun, some buffet restaurants and places of a similar nature do. You’ll also be asked for one if your trip includes visiting the state of Yucatan, which has separate rules and still requires masks to be worn at select tourist attractions.

A negative COVID test is still required to enter the US and other nations such as Spain, Germany and the UK, as you no doubt know. However, if you have had the necessary vaccinations, you can also check in by showing the vaccination card to the airline. However, our final recommendation will always be to contact your airline directly for more accurate information.

Hotel Zone in Cancun

Cancun is a safe place to travel

In general, people traveling to Mexico are concerned about their safety. Cancun and the Riviera Maya have a reputation for being quiet and safe destinations. There’s no denying that Cancun has seen an increase in crime in recent years. However, one of the safest regions is the Hotel Zone. Hotels take their responsibility to ensure the safety of their visitors and guests very seriously. When they work with reputable companies for tours and other activities, even solo travelers, families and couples feel protected.

Many visitors report feeling safe in Cancun and other Riviera Maya towns like Tulum and Playa del Carmen.

All-inclusive hotels deserve your comfort

Among the things you need to know when you fly to Cancun, you already know this hotels they come in a wide variety of options. The Cancun Hotel Zone is known around the world for having some of the best all-inclusive resorts. Choose from top-notch dining options and fantastic nightlife options.

Book a stay aa Cancun all inclusive Resort is the best way to experience the Caribbean, which is one of the truths of visiting Cancun. You don’t have to leave your hotel because you have access to everything you might need. Cancun has a wide selection of charming hotels to choose from. There is one designed specifically for you.

Riviera Maya and nearby destinations

Many visitors still have questions about the location of the Mayan Riviera. The Riviera Maya used to be known as the “Cancún-Tulum Corridor”, but with the help of Miguel Ramón Martin Azueta (Solidaridad, the municipal president of Quintana Roo at the time), it was renamed the Riviera Maya in 1999 , as reported. wikipedia.

The Riviera Maya stretches 40 kilometers (25 miles) inland to the Yucatan state border. It passes through the towns of Solidaridad to the north and Tulum to the south.

The Riviera Maya includes the following towns:

Puerto MorelosThree Rivers, Carmen beachXcaret, Paamul, Puerto AventurasXpu Ha, akumalXel-Ha, Bahia de Punta Soliman, Tankah, TulumBoca Paila and Punta Allen appear from north to south.


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