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Things that have changed in Playa del Carmen in October 2022


Carmen beach

From time to time, we like to inform you about changes in Playa del Carmen. If you only come to Playa once a year, you’re sure to notice a lot of changes. Playa del Carmen is always in motion. These are just a few of the resent things we’ve noticed have changed.

It’s low season and the beaches look good

The end of summer is always an off season for us here in the Riviera Maya. Many families in the north are starting school and the holidays are over. Then other people wait for cooler months to come and enjoy the beaches. This year, Europe has opened up more to tourism, and this has had some impact on Playa’s tourism numbers. For those interested in traveling now, you can find local hotels for 30% off. Restaurants keep the same prices, but you can enjoy some price discounts for hotels and enjoy more space since there are now fewer people visiting.

The beaches are also in good condition now. As we’ve noticed over time, when there’s a tropical storm or hurricane in the Caribbean, we often have very nice beach conditions afterward. For a while right after Hurricane Ian, we had glassy conditions in the ocean. As you can see from the photo above, we have almost no algae.

Two popular hotels gone

For many readers who have been visiting Playa del Carmen for some time, you will no doubt have heard of Bric Hotel and Hotel Club Yebo.

Hotel Bric offered affordable rooms in downtown Playa on Calle 26. You can see the cleared lot below. This will become a condominium building.

Hotel Club Yebo was in Playa for years and was a popular hotel among divers. It was on 1. Avenue near 14th Street. This lot will also be converted into condos.

Construction in Playa del Carmen

This is where the Bric Hotel used to be. Now it’s being cleared for a high-rise condo building.

Club Yebo

This is where the Club Yebo hotel was for many years. It is now approved for new construction.

Kool Beach Club is gone…but forever?

Kool Beach Club is probably the second most famous beach club in Playa del Carmen. After an unfortunate explosion in the Kool Beach Club kitchen earlier this year, now something big is about to happen. The buildings have been leveled and a hotel is said to be built in their place. There will surely be some beach club and a new building for the boardwalk.

Kool Beach Club

What’s left of the Kool Beach Club at 28th Street and the beach. You can see the Hyatt in the background.

New grocery stores including Chedraui Select

Many of you are anticipating the opening of the new Chedraui Select grocery store at 10th Avenue and 34th Street. Well, it’s finally open! For those of you who don’t know what a Chedraui Select store is, it’s a grocery store but with luxury products and experience. For years there has been a Chedraui Select in Cancun in the Hotel Zone. He was the envy of many in Playa. The area of ​​this Chedraui Select is great because it is close to many new and further north apartments for those living on the north end of Playa.

In other news, Walmart’s third store opens in Playa del Carmen. This time near the northwest part of Platja on Arco Vial avenue. This won’t affect many tourists or locals unless you live in the area. But it does show that Playa is still growing and expanding.

Finally, something happens with the old Club Santanera building

For those who were avid club goers in the early 2000s, you will remember the Santanera Club. This was one of the best clubs that Playa del Carmen had but it closed. The building has been occupied for years on the first floor of 5th Avenue and 10th Street. The upper floors, however, have been left empty. On the upper floors was the club.

Plywood walls now surround the building and the shops on the lower level have moved out. Let’s see what happens with the visible corner of 5th Avenue.

Construction in Playa del Carmen

This is where the old Santanera club was.

Thanks for reading our list of Playa Del Carmen updates. We hope to see you soon.


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