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The masks are now voluntary in the state of Quintana Roo


Riviera Maya mask

Quintana Roo Governor Carlos Joaquin says the mask in the state will be voluntary from May 10, 2022. It may have seemed like an eternity to some, but step by step the Riviera Maya is back to normal.

Updated information on masks comes after a system of green traffic lights continued by state restrictions. No deaths have been reported from Covid-19 for five weeks and about 20 cases a day.

This new voluntary use of masks aligns Quintana Roo with other countries and states that have abandoned mandates.

Playa del Carmen mask

Governor Carlos Joaquin on Twitter announces new voluntary use of mask in the state.

Mask timeline

  • In 2020 he was forced to wear masks at all times away from home in Quintana Roo.
  • March 22, 2022 Masks we do voluntarily outside.
  • The May 10, 2020 statewide mask is now voluntary.

When, where and who is still recommended to wear masks

  • It is still recommended in enclosed areas and in transportation.
  • Service providers such as waiters and reception staff.
  • If you have an underlying healthy condition that puts you at extra risk, we recommend that you wear a mask.

Grade: If you’re traveling to the state of Yucatan or on an excursion to places like Chichen Itza, you still need to wear masks in public.

5th Avenue Playa del Carmen

The use of a mask is now voluntary in the state of Quintana Roo.

How is this year of travel

2022 has started well. The winter tourism season was very busy, as it was a time when many had turned down trips or wanted to travel back to the Riviera Maya. So far this year, the number of visitors arriving on the Riviera Maya in 2019 is 1.27% higher due to the arrival of the pandemic.


This year he has returned with a bit of revenge. Be sure to check out our article on algae and links to current updates. Also, be sure to check out our article and map of beaches with fewer algae. 2022 is expected to be a bad year for algae. It lives up to the predictions as we have seen recently.

Algae barriers have been re-installed to slow down or stop some of them before they reach shore. They seem to be learning to anchor barriers and pick up better than previous attempts. The Navy currently has 11 vessels working on seaweed collection. There is still too much floating to the ground to pick it up fast enough. It looks like another plaster this year with twill.

Inflation and exchange rates

Are you worried about rising costs for everything? There is good news in this regard. The euro, USD and Canadian dollar are all higher than Mexican pesos. This protects against inflation when you visit and pay for your trip.

Inflation in Mexico is in the range of 7%, which is comparable to many places in the world that are experiencing rising prices. However, most major currencies have risen 5.2% against the Mexican peso, so you may not notice that prices are rising so much.

If you stay in an all-inclusive, don’t expect to see a cheap price. Most all-inclusive hotels are based on the fact that tourists pay for rooms and rates are in the USD. If you choose a separate hotel, you will often not notice the increase in prices.

Thanks for reading the updates on the Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen areas. We will continue to keep you informed about major news events and things that affect your travels in the area, as well as new destinations and places to visit.


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