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the guest sommelier of the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50


The sommelier Xcaret Group corporate since 2020, it was the sommelier invited to our first Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50 by Food and Travel. Like this, Sandra Fernández, with his great charisma and extensive knowledge of wine, script us in the tasting of 40 labels during reading six culinary experiences and California wine tasting. Photos: Charly Ramos.

The high gastronomy, that executed five chefs pertaining to the list of The 50 best restaurants in Latin America in 2020 and the The Host Chef, NS listened to by wines that surprised the palates of the attendees of the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50 of Food and Travel. To achieve the perfect pairing, Sandra Fernández, a successful one sommelier and Maestra Tequilera which boasts a large number of certifications in the field, made dumbbell with the guest chefs and wineries Finca La Carrodilla, Lomita and Casa Madero, and participating importers Boutique Wines and Caves of the World.

Oenological proposal

We are happy because the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50 is the first gastronomic meeting with guests. We open the door of our house Hotel Xcaret Arte and ours signature restaurants to serve the food of these great chefs”, He commented Sandra Fernández when referring that for this culinary event had to open the fan of possibilities and the panorama, due to the fact that the festivals work of a different way, look for synergies.

“We have a festival from meals and dinners paired with wines from a single winery, even important guests who are proposing Mexican wines and from different parts of the world at the same dinner”. The sommelier assured that the wine show of the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50 it was diverse and interesting. They tasted jewelry from Mallorca, Spain, and some news with him Casa Madero Orange Wine, 100% colombard grape label that was tasted at the food of the the Colombian chef Jaime Rodríguez.


The best companions

Another first for the public was the wine Go and Come, that recently launched Finca La Carrodilla. This organic wine from Guadalupe Valley captivated the diners with their labels, which accompanied the Feast made by Guillermo González Beristáin and Eduardo Morali, chefs of Pangea.

It should be noted that its owner, Fernando Pérez Castro, attended this meal and dinner Gerardo Vázquez Lugo, of Nicos, on se Lomita wines were served, winery also owned by the Pérez Castro family.Finca la Carrodilla organic nation, and is one of the More beautiful and sustainable in Mexico. Undoubtedly, of the best wine proposals in the country”, Revealed Sandra Fernández, who was aware of each of the tables during the six culinary experiences, explaining wines and generating talk around pairing.

to read dinners of Pía León y Eduardo García they had as protagonists Mexican wines of different heights to tie with the philosophy of the chef of Peruvian origin y Spanish labels which harmonized with the deep flavors of chef Máximo Bistrot. “While the Chef Host dinner, Jonatán Gómez Luna, we are doing with wines that are on our list, are wines that we have already tasted with his fusion food and we feel comfortable with the pairings. We did take those out of our warehouse. ”

Sandra Fernández

Style that makes a difference

“It simply came to our notice then to understand, on the one hand, who is your customer, what is their philosophy and vision, and on the other, what is the gastronomic proposal and the issues of strategy and budget. hay Many things cater to doing such a curationSandra told us in an exclusive interview for Food and travel when talking about see how labor sommelier Xcaret Group corporate.

Hotels Xcaret he has a very deep feeling for Mexico, from the culture, tradition, music, crafts and gastronomy. Therefore, the wines also have to go hand in hand with this proposal and those of Mexican origin they form one of the highest percentages in the lists “, declared Sandra when assuring that these national labels go beyond the most viewed grapes and of the most well-known lumps like Valley of Guadalupe.

Another of the challenges he faced was creating a differentiator. And how did you get it? He did a great job earlier, which it took time, synergy and contacts, to establish a direct relationship with other suppliers and wineries that did not reach the region. Come on wines from the Hotel Xcaret Arte sent to order directly in Spain and France, to have a unique selection with respect to the other proposals in the area. “My philosophy has been to work with: the wines of the concept All fun included from Hotel Xcaret Arte are wines that I would happily drink on the beach, having dinner or just having a drink. ”

The sommelier he told us that in the next Hotel Xcaret hotel, La Casa de la Playa, will have 22 Mexican wines per glass, between sparkling, white, pink, red and dessert. “You will be able to drink Mexico from start to finish in all styles, from what arrives until you leave”.

Learn more about the work of sommelier Sandra Fernández on her website: or on their Twitter social networks: @SandraVinos on Instagram: @sandra_vinos

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