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the greatest adventure of the night on the Mayan Riviera


If you are looking for the Perfect balance between adrenaline and funDare to live the night adventure that awaits you Xplor Fire, electric park with extreme activities that will make the heart come out of your fish Ready for excitement? Keep reading and start secreting adrenaline. Photos: Courtesy.

Xplor Fuego: the most fun night experience

Well they say that the best experiences are lived when the sun goes down and night comessomething that takes on more realism in the adventure park Xplor. It is complete in terms of appeal and extremes that transform it at the beginning Xplor Fire, at a time when adventurers are more valuable than the adrenaline rush through the most impactful night activities on the Riviera Maya.

Hamacuatizaje and Xplor Fuego

How intense is the night with Xplor Fuego?

Forget the idea that playing with fire is dangerouslittle Xplor Fuego has the most recognized security certifications in the world. So you have no excuses for not allowing the euphoria to take over you while cross the darkness of the jungle through a circuit of zip lines that will lead to a rainbow that you will have to cross.

Then you can Remember the night jungle by driving an amphibious vehicle across suspension bridgesoh explorer Narrow flooded caverns as you explore the underground world of the Riviera Maya. You will have to Franconia rivers and caverns for fun obstacles and slides.

Do you want more? During your visit Xplor Fuego you will have the opportunity to Row with your hands along the lava river that is inside a cave. You can too swim in the dark between stalactites and stalagmites oh simply soda in a cenote under the moonlightafter a fun night watering.

Lava river in Xplor Fire

The flavors of the night

Need a break? Then the campfire in the middle of the jungle and hot drink stations they will help you take a break as you share the experiences you receive lived with other lovers of the extreme.

In addition, with Xplor Fire the Night becomes delicious by delighting travelers with a The buffet is specifically designed to help them respond to energy. It will allow them to continue dividing while explore the night.

Buffet after the adventure

Are you ready to live the adventure? Remember that Xplor Fuego is open from Monday to Saturday from 17:30 to 23:00. Book your ticket at his Web page and don’t forget to tell us about your experience on social media, finding us on all platforms like @FoodandTravelMX

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