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the best of its special edition 2021


With the support of five previous editions, the Barceló Gourmet Festival it is positioned as one of the must-sees on the agenda gourmet annual of lovers of good food. This time it was dated from 16 to 19 September and gathered culinary talents, Mexican wines and delicious dishes under the atmosphere of Barceló Maya Grand Resort. This resort is located in front of the sea, in a privileged area to the beautiful Riviera Maya. Find out how we enjoy this special edition and what are the reasons not to miss it next year. Photos: courtesy and Aurora Yee.

Special edition festival

The pandemic does not allow the usual edition of the Barceló Gourmet Festival to take place in 2020, which it has been held year after year since 2015. However, in this 2021 it was decided resume low adequate health measures, such as reducing capacity, and so on continue to inspire hearts gourmet. So the stellar activities for dinner offerings in restaurants Barceló Maya Grand Resort, three of them located in Barceló Maya Riviera and one in Barceló Maya Caribe.


To enjoy it, the best way was to receive guests from the resort and access only the Pairing dinners at a special cost (700 pesos). But it was also possible to acquire one spend the day as external ($ 1,400 pesos). This year’s agenda has four special dinners with the presence of Casa Madero, Monte Xanic and Bodegas Santo Tomás, in which the sommeliers representatives were in charge of the pairing. Besides, to complement there were cooking and cocktail demonstrations for the rest of the day.

Special dinners with guest chefs

The first of the dinners was at the restaurant La Comedie, a charge to chefs Maximiliano Sola (Zamna Tulum) and Yusuke Kogure (Japanese Kogure cuisine). These chefs shared cuisine and merged with an oriental-inspired dinner and fresh fish. He foie gras with bacon, ponzu, hazelnuts and ramen broth It’s an example of the skill with which these talented chefs help us they consented during the first day of the festival.

Israel Loyola (Sin Nombre, in Oaxaca) marked the second day of the festival with his family Oaxacan flavors. The dishes that were presented were some that resumed the vegetable cooking from his restaurant. Thus, the dish that won us over was the dessert he presented at the agave restaurant, a nicoatole in which he took advantage of the huitlacoche season.


Meanwhile, for the third dinner of the festival, the chef Pedro Abascal (Flame, in Playa del Carmen) he served Mediterranean preparations in Dolce Vita, while making use of his passion for firewood. Thus, the simplicity of dishes such as shrimp with ai butter and parsley will delight us with the good use of the product.

The closing of the festival took place in the restaurant The restaurant, which was carried by the executive chefs at the resort. They were Julio Reyes, Diego Ocampo, Gustavo González and Elmer Chávez, as well as a guest chef, Carlos Venegas. Each of them was in charge of a time, so this last edition of the special edition had five times with several proposals. The driving axis for regional products, such as guaya, chaya and castacan. As examples, a delicious one chaya soup with chestnut on nugget sauce and the snapper with glaze of tikin xik, chili area xkatik and onion ixchil.

Gastronomy to allow

This festival is open to anyone wishing to complement their stay in Riviera Maya, regardless of whether or not they are guests of the appeal. So, your experiences are with me benefits for diners, among them the interaction with chefs.


The chef Maximiliano Sola, who had in his edition his third participation in the festival affirms that it treats of an event that goes improving remarkably year with year. “One of the benefits is that unique experiences are lived. What we did at dinner is something that was specially designed; nation, died and died successfully for the festival, ”he told us in an interview.

This format is designed to allow customers and visitors of the appeal and allows access to Good dinners with pairings at an affordable price. “I have repeated my participation because it is a festival that is improving year by year,” the chef concluded.

Taste gourmet products

The Barceló Gourmet Festival is also one opportunity to get in touch with high quality products. In this special edition, one of the stars was Caviar Polanco, which was presented at a special tasting and was part of one of the dinners. This brand owns sturgeon river farms to Uruguay, which make it the only caviar in the world from the Southern Hemisphere.

Polish caviar

Caviar Polanco specializes in Siberian and Ossetian, varied that are raised in their natural habitat and cut with Russian quality that ensure the minimum presence of salt. Therefore, its freshness allows you to appreciate soft notes of walnut and butter, as well as a bright color and softness on the palate. These features crown some of the festival’s opening dinner dishes, with dishes like the black cod with sour cream gohan.

Enjoy the resort

Barceló Maya Grand Resort is composed of Six hotels to enjoy beachfront accommodation. The newest in the complex, Barceló Maya Riviera, It is your best option to stay in an adult-only concept. Your stay will allow you to enjoy both its unique essence and the facilities of the rest of the properties.

barcelo hotel

This hotel was opened in 2019 and it was designed in a modern, minimalist style which you will love at every step. Expect the next edition of the festival in 2022 i meanwhile access to a relief from one of its 850 all-inclusive rooms. Rooms from 4,500 pesos.

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