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Rosa Negra, a Latin American restaurant


If you are looking for an atmosphere chic to try strong flavors, think of RosaNegra and enjoy its inspiration in Latin American cuisine. It is a perfect place to eat delicious and have a good drink with your favorite company. Keep reading and know all about this restaurant that has life in Polanco. Photos: Courtesy and Aurora Yee.

Meet RosaNegra

After trips to Latin America that filled the restaurant with inspiration Eduardo Beaven wrote RosaNegra in 2017. It is located in in a privileged corner of Masaryk, in the vibrant Polanco area. From this site, you can try pLatillos reminiscent of the cuisine of Peru, Colombia, Argentina and, of course, Mexico. For this reason, you will find everything from a Peruvian ceviche to USDA prime quality cuts, as well as a good selection of sashimi oh tacos.

Ceviche RosaNegra

The use of the best quality products is a key part of the philosophy of this place, and of which the selection of the sea stands out. These are brought to your table so you can appreciate their freshness and perfection. Among them, they offer Normandy turbot, colossal octopus, tiger shrimp, Tasmanian trout, New Zealand Ora King salmon or Alaska king crab. The cuts they have will also be coveted by the elijas as an option for the main course, such as Kobe meat or options from free grazing.

Creative cocktails

RosaNegra cocktail

The author’s cocktail bar is run by mixologist Ayerim de la Peña. This can be customized and open to your cravings of the moment. If you are looking for something fresh and original, try the Catrina, it is made with mezcal, with guava compote and tepache syrup. He clandestine you will like it too. It has cachaza, oil saccharum grapefruit, citrus juice and orange bitters. They all have seen and photographed presentations.

Don’t miss it

For strong avocados, you can’t resist trying some of them Options with exclusive products. But you can also be sure that in the rest of the ingredients are governed by this same quality rule. In general, one of the ways they have to offer only the majority is that every day they take out the cuts from the pieces of fish and meat.

Some of the must-sees of the restaurant are the lobster toast, ideal for awakening your senses. They are made of blue corn, with a good portion of lobster and also have mango, elote, and avocado seasoned with Serrano alioli. Steak tacos are also part of the most beloved repertoire, as is their selection of charcoal cuts.


With a vibrant atmosphere and in vivo DJ, RosaNegra will pamper you with theirs cuisine of multicultural influences from the heart of Polanco. for him dessert, one of the most options instagrammable and the chocolate sphere. It has milk candy ice cream and red fruits inside. But Cheesecake in the Clouds will also be a good alternative, accompanied by cotton candy and fresh fruit.

Visit this site soon and get in touch with your vibrant atmosphere! Also they have branches in Satellite, Cancun, Tulum and Los Cabos. Check the application: $ 1,400. Where: Pdte. Masaryk 298, Polanco. IT: @rosanegramxpolanco


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