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Reborn, the premise of chef Jonatan Gómez Luna in Le Chique


It was in 2008 when the Chef Jonathan Gómez Luna saw born Le Chique one of the most recognized restaurants in Mexico. Su avant-garde Mexican cuisine has made him worthy of several awards over almost 13 years of existence; however after the pandemic he had to pause to their dreams, closing their doors and turning off their stoves. We talk exclusively with this talented Mexican chef about the reopening of Le Chique and thus he opened the doors of his heart to us. Photos: Courtesy.

Everything stopped

On March 30, 2020 Jonathan decided to close Le Chique, just a few days after it was announced in Mexico the first case for Covid-19. By then, the flights were already stopped, the hotel Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancun it had closed and the plays were left empty. After many uninterrupted years, we had to close”, Talks Jonathan, who narrates that closing more than a year was one of the rarest things he has experienced in his career.

Restaurant Le Chique

The fear of losing everything

For him, as for many restaurants in Mexico, it was a complex situation to face a closure outside his service. “We had to close a life project and not because the business was going bad because it would have completed cycles. If it doesn’t cross my mind, I’ll lose Le Chique. There was a moment when I thought: we’re not going back”.

People, everything

However, and thanks to that Chef Jonathan Gómez Luna is always creating and betting on new projects, the pandemic did not reduce its staff in the living room or kitchen making a great effort to keep the whole team that, for over 15 years, has stayed with him.

Chef Jonathan Gómez Luna

The importance of being reborn

After being closed for a year and a half, Jonatan Gomez Luna made the decision to resume the flight and reopen his restaurant.People were waiting, we had calls and emails waiting for the reopening”.

Together with your team, take the necessary air, put the ideas on paper, they forgot about the bitter drink and They thought of doing something different, but with the same heart.The idea was to have 13 historical dishes that would tell and tell the story of the before and features of dishes that will speak later, with the same philosophy, but with a renewed vision, after so much learning”.

It was him August 15 this year when Le Chique “rebirth”, with a Slower operation and lower capacity but with a detailed service, attentive, always thinking of the safety of diners. “It has been a challenge because each dish has a story to count on the table, which is exactly what has characterized the restaurant during these 13 years ”, a challenge that, without a doubt, they have been able to overcome.

Restaurant Le Chique

A new menu

With the renewed menu of Le Chique, the Chef Jonatan Gomez Luna seeks to mark a discourse and a philosophy that tells the old and new history of the restaurant after thirteen years of history. In each of their dishes has a more personal and human part, after the learnings left by the pandemic. “It is a very romantic menu“, Explain.

Although Gómez Luna he does not have a pampered dish, there are two that stand out for him. The first is a gizzard taco with macadamia cacao. “This dish is made from a very simple product that is not beautiful to look at either”. Its beauty lies in the history of the product, the sauce, the assembly. It is a very romantic dish with deep flavors and silky texture.

The second, is one kidney callus with lime kaffir, which has become essential part of your kitchen.It is a visually beautiful dish that encompasses a lot of technique, with details that fall in love with the sight, but with a vast depth in the flavors and aromas ”.

In general, everything The menu is very numerous, flavors and culinary excellence. It is a very detailed letter, which shows the maturity of the chef and his cuisine. In every dish “It feels like a very new restaurant that turns 13 years old”, Gives the chef.

Restaurant Le Chique


“I think so I have become a better human being. I understand that, if the team was already important, to ruin it essentially, that life is ephemeral and so fast that one can go in the blink of an eye”, He confesses the chef Jonatan Gómez Luna who claims to be a more sensitive human.

Enjoy every day with the certainty that everything can end in a second, is one of the premises of chef Gómez Luna at the reopening of Le Chique, making of each dish a unique moment, which may not be repeated. “We are still alive and we have to do things right”, He states.

“The service becomes a last service and, for diners can even be the last dish to check out, ”Comments Jonathan to explain that the times we live in are as unique and ephemeral as life itself. “It simply came to our notice then We create a menu that goes out not only on your palate, but also on your heart”.

You know, in you next visit to the Riviera Maya, visit Le Chique by chef Jonatan Gómez Luna, an experience that promises to keep telling stories and falling in love with your senses, where the chef and all his culinary team, show their passion and craft in each dish.

too we remind you when Le Chique turned 10 years old.


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