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Reasons to visit Tulum – Cancun Airport


We offer you some reasons to visit Tulum. What’s behind this popular destination and why should you add it to your bucket list? Answer these and learn more about this heavenly place. In addition, it is delving into the Mayan culture unavoidable experience.

Why travel to Tulum? While its beaches and tropical vibes are enough to charm us, there’s more to this city than meets the eye…

Reasons to visit Tulum

History of Tulum

The archaeological ruins of Tulum are a must-see. This well-preserved citadel is in a prime location facing the Caribbean Sea.

Founded more than 1,500 years ago, this city was initially called Zamá (dawn) and later changed its name to Tulum (wall). Its primary function was to serve as a base for maritime trade and as an astronomical and military observatory.

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Archaeological sites

Rediscover the customs, architecture, gastronomy and those mysteries of one of the most advanced ancient cultures, housed in different archaeological areas such as Tulum others coba. So within the Yucatan Peninsula and called one of the seven wonders of the world Chichen Itzaone of the most visited archaeological sites in Mexico today, where 26 Mayan ruins converge.

You can go on excursions to visit these beautiful places. Taking hikers to the Mayan city of Chichén Itzá or Tulum is a journey back in time to rich culture and majestic historic buildings. In addition, you can visit the city of Valladolid and discover why it is called the magical town.

Visit to the archaeological site of Tulum and beach


Tulum’s beaches are among the best in the world; you can enjoy a morning walk along the endless white sand beaches of Tulum with the indescribable turquoise colors of the Caribbean Ocean, which contrast with the intense greens of the jungle. The maximum height of the buildings is limited to two stories, so you will always see the jungle from one side.


There are direct flights from almost all international airports to cities in the United States and Canada Cancun International Airport, just an hour and a half drive south to peaceful and beautiful Tulum. Imagine, with a 3-hour flight you can go from cool New York City to a wonderful Caribbean paradise!


Bike tour in Tulum

Mexico is known for its hospitality and Tulum is no exception. Excellent service in hotels and restaurants, as well as any excursion you can book. Explore the Mexican Caribbean where the Mayans still dominate the region and proudly protect and share their culture with the world.

The weather

Tulum has one warm weather throughout the yearits maximum temperatures will rise from 28 degrees to 21 degrees during the winter, so it will always feel like a beach holiday.


Tulum is perfectly located if you plan to visit other nearby towns during your stay. It is 45 minutes south Carmen Beach1.5 hours from Cancun2 hours from the island of cozumel (by car and ferry), and 2 hours from the beautiful High school lagoon

The best sunsets

Rumors say so THE BEACH HOTEL TULUM, has the best sunset views in Tulum. With the private rooftops, you can enjoy how the sun hides behind the sea and be surprised by the pink sunsets.

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Sunsets at The Beach Hotel Tulum
Sunsets at The Beach Hotel Tulum


Tulum is a paradise for wood-fired cooking (derived from its nature as a fishing village), strongly influenced by its crystal clear waters and tropical surroundings.

Thanks to its development as an international and cosmopolitan destination, you will be able to find food from all over the world, not only in Mexican restaurants: from hotspots on the sandy beach to high-end restaurants where you will taste fusion, minimalist or exotic cuisine. In Tulum, you will taste from the most homemade and authentic cochinita pibil to the most sophisticated international cuisine fresh from a Michelin Guide


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