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For the closing dinner of the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50 we enter a culinary encounter in Xino Poblano, where the chef Jonatán Gómez Luna guided us through a journey of flavors between the cultures of East y The West. Text: Cynthia Benítez / Photos: Charly Ramos.

Poblano baroque style

A spectacular vault covered with 21,152 pieces of talavera; golden walls, chairs worthy of a banquet of emperors, 80 glossy kittens Wishing us good luck and an exquisite tasting that celebrates the flavors orientals y poblanos … This was the setting for the closing dinner of the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50 by Food and Travel, presented by Hugo Boss, S. Pilgrim y Toyota, in the restaurant Xino Poblano.

The Chef Host was Jonatán Gómez Luna, belonging to the Gastronomic Collective of Hotel Xcaret Arte, and whose restaurant, Le Xique, is within the The 50 best restaurants in Latin America, was responsible for showing diners the ideal fusion between local and Chinese food.

Chinese Restaurant Poblano

Start of an announced farewell

The nostalgia for the end of the first edition of the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50 dissipated as the 11 times from the tasting menu of Xino Poblano, selected by chef Jonatán Gómez Luna. The key complement, to enhance the flavors of the dishes of the night, was the pairing with the wines of the Hotel Xcaret Arte and Tequila Clase Azul.

Culinary turn with Jonatán Go’mez Moon

The rapprochement between the East and the cultures of our country goes back to the viceregal era. We can talk about the in China, ship covering trade routes between Asia and the New Spain. Aboard this ship, they arrived headquarters y exotic specialties to the homes of the peninsulars and Creoles.

Centuries have passed and that cultural relationship continues to flourish. Tras 21 years of experience, Jonatán Gómez Luna built another bridge through gastronomy, enhancing the relationship between China y Pobla.

Chef Jonatán Gómez Luna

If we could see what I did at school and what I do today, logically there is a huge evolution. Oriental is a gastronomy that I did not have entered, investigated O explored. It was a great responsibility to merge these two gastronomic cultures to create Chino Poblano “, said chef Jonatán.

The chef also added that working on this project in the hands of Hotel Xcaret Arte has represented a major breakthrough for his career, because he had always been dedicated to making Mexican food and now his knowledge has believed.

The world in one bite

The main challenge of Jonatán Gómez Luna in creating this concept was that neither of the two cuisines will be obscured, Finding the balance to highlight the qualities of the two cultures. This has been achieved by the middle of the ingredients e research, we checked on the crunchy ball made with lychee daisy.

Then we move on to one new con foie gras, praline of nogada y soy caramel, which gave it that oriental touch. To highlight the elegance of the dish, it was decorated with a 23 carat gold leaf. Of the accompaniment one opted for one Prosecco Belstar, which has fine bubble with glazed grapes, which granted a degree of acidity.

Walnut with praline and gold leaf

Among the diners, listen to comments such as “What genius to create a fusion between the Chinese and the people of impeccably ” especially after trying the bao soaked piglet filling in peanut butter. To complement the experience, we drank Hollow vein, vi 100% white sauvignon which managed to prolong the flavors in the mouth.

Poblano flavor in the oriental style

“In China, they have centuries of flavor, in addition to having one of the oldest recipes in the world. Mexico also shares this situation. Both are cultures millennial gastronomy ”, commented the chef to stress that he was surprised that the ingredients from both places they will tie so well.

We check it again in his ramen with mass of hips, accompanied with semi-soft pieces of New Zealand lamb. The taste acid of the sauce was harmoniously joined with the neutrality of the noodles. We tasted it with Cava Córdoba GMS, a wine with aromas in red and floral fruits made with grenache, syrah, monastrell.

Hip mass ramen by Jonatán Gómez Luna

Dream desserts: the closing of Jonatán Gómez Luna

We read at the end of the closing dinner with the sweet taste of Flores + Cítricos, Dessert with natural flowers, cotton candy and lavender ice cream, decorated with spheres of citrus flavors like the yuzu. The pairing? Resting Blue Class Tequila, with notes a vanilla y wood.

Flowers + Citrus, Chino Poblano desserts

In this way, the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50 closed the curtain, but for all attendees to extend this splendid experience to their home, the chef. Jonatán Gómez Luna gave away chocolates, which he made in collaboration with the chocolate shop Dolcener, which combine Poblano and Chinese flavors. The farewell had a sweet and explosive flavor mole y hoisin.

If you want empty all the chronicles about the live in the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50 by Food and Travel, where we went from the flavors of Peru a Monterrey , you are available to be able to travel with us.


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