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Where the Mexican Caribbean hides behind monumental hotels, A community fights against the currents of the sea. unintentionally The sway of the waves makes the beaches of southern Quintana Roo a landfill, ONE true plastic paradise. Wanting, a civil organization in Mahahual read keeps net. Photos: Marc Gutt.

Mahahual: the last Caribbean paradise

In the tourist corridor most famous in Mexicointegrated before the 130 km from the coast that is separated from Cancun by Tulum, the green of nature and the green of the dollar are fighting to impose their law. Once starring pristine beaches and mangroves, on the coast of Quintana Roo it yields more and more ground to another tower of Babel.

In the south of the state, the story is different. The road almost 70 kilometers between Mahahual and Xcalak guard the last bastion of the Mexican Caribbean just intervened. here there is no reliable pavement or cell signal, much less shopping malls. What is there is plastic: much more plastic than a search community of a thousand inhabitants can consume.

Mahual, plastic paradise

Plastics of the sea: problem without borders

When visiting the beaches of Mahahual are not uncommon feelings found. The postcards, though heavenly, they are waste covers. It’s easy to assume that the community doesn’t take care of their trash, though the problem is more complete and the responsibility for that shared.

The plastic in Mahahual is spit out by the sea with its currents and provinces the same for the Caribbean islands as for the other side of the world. If disposable packaging unfinished as a microplastic somewhere in the ocean, they end up like garbage on the beach of some paradise with Mahahual.

Plastic paradise, Travel with meaning column

Civil organization: Less plastic and fantastic

The people of Mahahual do not cover the coast with rubbish. but they agree to pick it up. That’s how I was born Less plastic it fantasticok Non-profit civil organization which drives weekly cleaning, employee vulnerable members of the community and transform the garbage collected in jewelry they come for raise funds to reverse the situation of this plastic paradise.

Recycled plastic necklaces

The Facebook page of Less plastic it fantastic offers educational material on sea plastics and information on upcoming beach cleaning (¡volunteers welcome!). I, for one, am sure it was the wrapper and not the apple that fucked us up in paradise.

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