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No more testing for Covid-19 for most arrivals in the United States


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The United States will stop requiring Covid-19 testing for air travelers arriving from abroad on Sunday, June 12th. This change takes place at 12:01, Eastern Standard Time. This will make traveling to Mexico and back home much easier for our American readers. No more figuring out where to get the cheapest test or spending half a day of your vacation getting test results to get back into the United States.

The rule, set by the Trump administration in early 2021 and later improved by the Biden administration, recently required incoming travelers, including U.S. citizens, to show proof of a negative Covid-19 test. hours before boarding flights to the United States. Land crossings at the borders were exempt.

Airlines and others in the travel industry had repeatedly pushed the administration to abandon the requirement, saying it was hurting the demand for international travel. It was one of the things that the travel industry in Mexico has had to adapt to in order to meet the requirements. The United States had one of the longest entry requirements compared to other countries.

Covid Playa del Carmen test

Covid-19 testing added more stress to passengers and costs. For a traveling family, it could add a couple of hundred dollars to a trip.

“The Biden administration will be in charge of this action, which will welcome visitors from around the world and accelerate the recovery of the U.S. travel industry,” said Roger Dow, president of the United States Travel Association. U.S. travel, in a statement. “Inbound international travel is vital for companies and workers across the country who have struggled to make up for the losses of this valuable sector.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will evaluate the decision in 90 days, according to a senior Biden administration official. “If there is a need to reinstate a pre-departure testing requirement, including due to a worrying new variant, the CDC will not hesitate to act,” the official said.

The travel industry clashed with the Biden and Trump administrations throughout the pandemic over rules aimed at curbing the spread of Covid-19, including a strict ban on most foreign visitors to the U.S., which was finally lifted in November. . Keep in mind that most non-citizen visitors to the United States will still have to show evidence of vaccination against Covid-19 before flying to the U.S., a White House spokesman said.

Changing restrictions have kept the Mexican travel industry afloat

When several of the countries that send the most visitors to Rivera Maya instituted the covid-19 test for re-entry, it made everyone move to prepare. The big hotels offered free trials for long stays, a list of places to try was circulated, and places appeared on 5th Avenue for testing. You can find a test site on almost every block on 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen. Even Cancun Airport offered one last place to test before takeoff. Now, as we move into a different phase of the pandemic, it’s nice to see fewer restrictions that keep us all moving forward. .

For those traveling now on the Riviera Maya, it is recommended to wear a mask in outdoor public spaces, but it is not mandatory. Here are the latest mask restrictions for the Riviera Maya / Playa del Carmen area.

Trip to Playa del Carmen

Taking a private transfer instead of a taxi will get you here much faster and with less stress.


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