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More photos of the Train Maya project


Mayan train

From time to time we have updated you on how the Mayan Train will arrive or, as it is called in English, the Mayan Train. This is a huge new infrastructure project that will cover the southeastern part of Mexico linking five states. As with many large infrastructure projects in Mexico, it is never known which ones will be launched and which ones will be just in design. Many were skeptical about the Mayan Train project, but it has begun and many aspects of the project are coming to light.

We recently published this article on the construction of the Mayan Railway roads. In addition to this article, we have a good overview of what this project includes in our Mayan Train article. The basic route is planned now and now they are informing about what the stations will be like and what the train itself will be like. We wanted to share these new photos with you and have your say on what the project is like.

What will the train cars be like for the Mayan Train

The Mayan Train will be a high speed train. We are not talking about bullet train speeds, but 35% faster than driving speeds. This will reduce the time between Mérida and the Riviera Maya and all those who take the train to visit Chichén Itzá. Train lines are designed to be efficient for speed, but also safe for nature. The fences will cover the areas where the motorway and the train are parallel to each other. In more remote areas, this will prevent animals such as deer from crossing the tracks and the road. There will be crossings for animals under the highway. This is the same type of road map that was built between Playa del Carmen and Xcan.

Mayan train

Passenger cars

This could be where you sit on your way to visit the ruins of Chichen Itza. The train will add another element to the journey and make it more comfortable. Many people do not realize that it is about 3 hours each way from the Riviera Maya to Chichen Itza. At least in the rain you can get up and walk and have a decent bath.

Mayan train

Bar Car on the Mayan Train

Enjoy some food or drink in the bar wagon aboard the Train Maya. The interior is elegant, modern and culturally suitable for travel. We like the Mayan Train brand. It is very local and fits in with the mix of cultures.

Mayan train

Cars bed

Bed cars will be added for long-distance travel. This will not be used as much, as most train journeys will be short. For example, Playa del Carmen in Merida will be less than 4 hours. Bunk beds will be good for trips to Palenque, Chiapas. This will be one of the most remote stops on the Riviera Maya. Imagine getting on the train in the evening and arriving in the morning to tour the ruins of Palenque, a completely different world on the Riviera Maya.

Mayan train

Mayan train

Valladolid, Yucatan Train Station

Valladolid will be an important stop on the Mayan Train route. Therefore, this station will be larger. We really like the feeling of opening the stations with large fans for air circulation. The architecture is modern but still very well adapted to the local environment.

Train Maia Valladolid

Maya Valladolid train

Mayan train

Mayan train from Valladolid

Xcan train station

Xcan is an important junction for the Mayan Train. The route from Cancun to Valladolid passes through the relatively unknown town of Xcan. This is also where the intersection of toll road 305 from Playa del Carmen crosses toll road 180. It is also the closest stop to Holbox Island. Thus, this Xcan station will become a new transportation hub in the area. It will allow passengers to board the train and also disembark for van transportation.

As there is no direct line from Playa del Carmen to Valladolid, the Xcan station could be used for a connection with vans leaving people heading west.

Again, the local materials and the shape of this station look exciting.

Mayan Xcan train

Mayan train

Mayan train

Mayan train

Mayan train

Mayan train

Tulum train station

Tulum will be one of the most popular stations on the route. There has been much speculation about where exactly the station will be located as the city center is full of people. According to the following drawings, Tulum Mayan Railway Station will be out of town. A completely new development is expected around the station and what looks like the 307 road that passes by the sides of the station.

Mayan Tulum train

Mayan train

What will the Maya Train station in Playa del Carmen look like?

The Maya Train will pass through Playa del Carmen on Highway 307. Stations will be elevated to allow traffic to cross below. Here is a full article with photos of what Playa del Carmen plans look like.

What do you think about the design of the Mayan Train? Let us know in the comments below.


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